Symbiophrenic Incursion    

My name is Brenden.

In grade 2,
I went to

In grade 11, everything got turned around.

nednednerB reversed and is ready in the show!

This is my newslog.

Give me a cue; ask me a question. I like to write on assignment. I love sharing and learning, accessing us.

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symbiophrenia - the process and subject encountered during an acclimatization or accomodation, any integrative adaptation, to meaningful communication and perception beyond the parameters and framework of presently foreseeable understanding.

y incurs x - y renders x as actual, or y creates occurence of x.
as in "I incur charges."

hence, an instance of symbiophrenic incursion would be an actuality of exposure to course-altering meaning punctuated by novel awareness and decision.

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perhaps a philosophical rambling unto clarity. perhaps clearly will Earth rumble awake.

and a swell of soul currents might indefinably lift one ever upward, ever whole, ever significant...

"Between mind and matter, there lie enchanted worlds untold.

The deepest part of us reveals the beauty that we are,

just as we conquer death in our mad rush

to the stars..."

- by Catal Huyuk, song: Dance Alone

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  • In being; *(gasp)*... in being: real.
  • Coming to terms with the bizarrely essential.

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    These expressions of a meaning-locus interrelating a world surrender subtle flown of harmony.

    'that's totally an if!'
    REALLY?? Why IF? How stop there?

    "... i had no idea; we are leaving home!
    Say goodbye!

    Eternal hum and rhythm is
    always music to my ears.

    Beyond the static background,
    I hear the song so loud and clear.

    We come into this world,
    completely naked on our own.

    The last dance you dance
    you dance alone.

    I had no idea; we are leaving home!
    I had no idea!

    The last dance you dance
    you dance alone.

    Say goodbye!"

    -continued from above


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