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 I like these!2 comments
Saturday, August 28th 2004, by nednednerb

Essential knowledge!

A semblance of our highest hope?

a link thru, our core...

the first most important thing

Something to keep in mind outside

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29 Aug 2004 @ 16:52 by vaxen : hey brenden...
body straightwire link through core. yeah. like a taught wire, straight, viscious. btw i was wondering if you could change the color for the font which dips to 'read more' on the fronticepage or intro? you know what i'm referring to? black on dark blue just does'nt get it and confuses rather than clarifies. what say ye?  

29 Aug 2004 @ 18:51 by nednednerb : hmmm, OKAY!
I didn't know how to change that colour, and I like the purple background.

I'll see what I can do to change the link colour. But that link on the intro is ALWAYS "read more". I'll never put a link in there otherwise because I was aware of the clarity problem. Thank you! I'll see what can be done!  

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