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 Find a way each of our ideas give the same peace7 comments
pictureTuesday, August 24th 2004, by nednednerb

Can you imagine never accepting responsibility?

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25 Aug 2004 @ 06:55 by shawa : :-)
I think you just had an introduction to the nasty part of NCN ? Some of us have this discipline ("Find a way so that each of our ideas give the same peace") - and some have not. Part of the learning process at NCN is to learn to discriminate which is which. :-)

_(*)_ ...means "Namasté" (I salute the Light in you). See? Two little hands with a star between them ?  

25 Aug 2004 @ 17:32 by nednednerb : _(*)_
There's so much more to have between friends!

Hmmm... when I think of accepting responsibility, I ponder my own self-imposed limitations. I assume others have them too. I assume also that like having the things I'm aware of, others have things they're aware of too. We're all certainly unique trajectories in the realm of the living movements, so it follows that each of us is walking around with an evolving awareness pertinent to particular events and processes that ultimately only partially shares with all others' evolving awareness. Alluded to, we all have our strengths and hang-ups, _that we are even conscious or unconscious of_, so responsibility takes an interesting turn...

I must be at least partially responsible for those events and processes I am aware of and am communicative in and contributing to. It turns out, we may just not have an option to be responsible for only our own actions, thoughts, and feelings, but must accept a responsibility for the potential to create states by using messages to add to the unconscious momentums we may or may not recognize.

Two clear and recognizable examples that aren't quite but sorta close to what was happening here are inexperienced children and sleeping people. An inexperienced child might be not responsible for the language they learn. They are surrounded by their specific parents and social environments; kids who grow up in a place do not learn languages from across the world unless their parents happen to come from there in some way. So, for example, swear words and racial beliefs spelled out by adherence and insistence to specific wordings are not a child's responsibility, even for using them and actually consciously believing them, if there is any understanding. The parents are responsible for showing them these possibilities. We can't "invent" a swear word JUST LIKE THAT, or I'll be habberdubbed! See, doesn't offend, more like silly.... and I'm responsible for it! :)

A sleeping person cannot be responsible for not responding quickly enough to a message or interactive sequence that occurs immediately beside them while they are still sleeping. You can't expect someone comfortably in deep sleep to on the flick of an external wrist sit up in bed and open their eyes and look like they're awake! hahaha! At least not my brother! We all have different facets of our life that are sort of clocked biologically like sleeping well, that cannot be interrupted in light of sustaining health, and which we are also not responsible for. The way we've evolved is how we are now; and we're all gaining responsibility for what it will become, but first we have to wake up to it!

It starts in noticing what you're doing to others and what you nevertheless must be yourself.  

26 Aug 2004 @ 18:12 by ov : Difference and Responsibility
Nice juxtaposition there Brenden between the outside and inside views. I like it.

Sounds like the diversity and cooperation aspects of the second design law.

I noticed that you have deoxy listed as a site, and you've mentioned novelty spikes, so I gather that Terrence McKenna has has some influence on your thoughts.  

26 Aug 2004 @ 20:28 by nednednerb : hehe
Thank you, and yeah, and from an interesting vector did I find Terrence McKenna's thoughts :)

The quote from the song in my top right sidebar on my newslog is from a cd given to me in person by a member of the band. I was at Burning Man, and had wandered into a tent where it was given to me and I had a wildly spiritual experience.

The cd by Catal Huyuk (named after one of the oldest towns dating 7000 years ago in Turkey, a society very artistic and partnership, like the kind I allude to in the Cultural Psychosis essay) is entitled "Nature Loves Courage."

On the booklet included with the cd, there were the song lyrics, a few quotes, and a tribute to "Mr. T". Both quotes were about the band, one from Tom Robbins "Catal Huyuk is a reflection in the rain puddles of a vast and ominous force, a bioelectricity that has never known bioinsulation," and another from Terrence Mckenna, Mr. T, "I love Catal Huyuk." The tribute read "Thank you Mr. T for your divine vision of an entheobotanically friendly universe."

I was perplexed by my experience with the member of the band along with being mystified by the music, so I sought out to find out who these thinkers were and I found deoxy and the writings of Terrence! Yay!  

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