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Monday, August 23rd 2004, by nednednerb

I hope you try to buy organic foods. Surviving on them is not as expensive as on GM and chemicalized food, even though organic food is more expensive per the pound. You see, it is quite simply impossible to get the same nutritional content in the big-business food. The most commonly used industrial fertilizer in called NPK, made by a worldwar2-time company who didn't mind manufacturing death for hire when enemies were there. What was it to them to pour their unused war chemicals in a few mixing vats and then douse our nourishment to this very day! I don't like to think conspiratorially, but they didn't stop selling NPK when it was realized by biologists to be no good!

You are much better off with organics. You don't need to eat as much to get the good minerals, vitamins, and other beautiful nutrients! It doesn't cost as much! They're lying or misunderstood if they say that!

The writing below I wrote in response to a discussion about diet in MSN Group "Schizophrenia Web Community." It is going along with the theme of this log entry, so I've included that response here:

"I hope you guys don't mind a science lesson. I hope it's not too over any heads. (And this knowledge is accurate and correct.)

When it comes to any food, our body's metabolism accepts it in specific ways.

With more complex carbohydrates and fats like in real fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, etc, our body has evolved for millions of years to integrate successfully and safely.

Refined sugars and refined fats are simpler and in fact too simple for our body's evolved special metabolism that is used to eating the compounds produced in higher organisms. All plants and animals, as simple as they may be in mind, are higher, complex sources of nutrition than simple sugars and hydrogenated fat.

Because eating simple sugar is not how our body has evolved to metabolize glucose, the body will take those simple sugars and use them however it can. The quickest and safest way for the body to get rid of this drug-like compound called table sugar is to throw it into certain easy chemical pathways. The complex carbs go healthy into pathways that make something called glycogen, whose chemical release is related to diabetes that simple sugar ingestion can cause!

The simple sugars mess up our normal energy pathways and go into other pathways. Now, sugar is basically a ring of 6 carbon molecules with some oxygen on it. The fat in our flab-possible body parts is simple long long carbon strings. Complex sugar go into specialized metabolic pathways, but our body can only break simple sugar rings into those fat strings that collect at our guts. This is why sugar is the leading contributor of obesity in the United States.

Hydrogenated fats are bad because our body has evolved to effectively use fats that come from things like fish, avacado, seeds of every sort, sunflower, flax, etc... These fats are not hydrogenated fats. All those foods I just mentioned have lots of Omega fatty acids. These are not hydrogenated fats! (By the way, schizophrenic's blood appears to be deficient in Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are the kinds of fats used for energy in our brain.)

You see, hydrogenated fat is chemically different from fat that comes from seafood, some fruits and vegies, and seeds. Hydrogenated fat does not easily fit with our metabolism, so the body drops it off where it is easy to, in the gut and arteries, similar to simple sugar, what our body also isn't able to integrate in higher metabolic centres. The body is sort of just reduced to 'getting rid of it, dropping it off wherever possible, wherever it will be taken.'

You do not want a "low fat, low sugar diet." Not at all. Instead, a diet rich in complex fats and sugars will be amazing. Our body can easily make gut-fat from omega (brain) oils and can easily make simple sugars from complex carbs if we need those things in small amounts!! The omega oils and complex carbs are more complex so must be taken from highly evolved food sources however!

Our modern nutrition science is still catching up with 3 and a half billion years of evolution. They can't just come in within a hundred years and make up food pyramids when we have just begun to understand the workings of our own body and its relation to the entire rest of the Earth's life.

It is totally totally misleading to see "25 grams of fat and 30 grams of carbohydrates" on a label, because 24 grams of that fat may ONLY be used in your brain, and 29 grams of those carbohydrates may ONLY be used in powering your muscles for a day or two. It's the simple stuff you must look out for! I recommend reading nutrition books by molecular biologists. They seem to know this kind of stuff I'm talking about the best. Look up Usana. They can redirect you to proper information, as they know this kind of stuff the best too. They know better than me, and I may have even taught you something new already!

Enjoy fat and sugar! Really, they're soooooo good for you, just not the stuff from Uncle Sam, Aunt Jemima, or any of the profiteers telling you fat and sugar are bad for you when they give you the only bad kinds, what life has not evolved for. It's quite simple when you realize complexity can be just as sweet and much more healthier. Trust the way of life, not of profit. Hydrogenated fats and simple sugar are merely convenient and indeed "convened," hardly not evolved.

Hope I've helped someone partially understand the whys and hows of sugar and fat. My biology 12 teacher was wonderfully and instructively thorough. I loved that class for learning about the biological process of myself."

I hope you've found that informing!

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