Symbiophrenic Incursion: "nevr realize yr hav frever to be..."    
 "nevr realize yr hav frever to be..."0 comments
pictureSaturday, August 21st 2004, by nednednerb

"war - defence of ideals at all cost
peace in no pieces of eternal motion
.........our kinteoscope............"

"save universe from god
love her lyk him!~"

"will u evr figure it in?
not so much that u think...
it's that u stop breathing, perhaps..."

"here am 'no piece cannot' begin again
......thereafter......and it can!
shriek!!! *whew****** it's perfect now.
liberate from what?
aren't you little trying to longer be?"

"I believe in gods.
I don't believe a male name God created reality.
Rather, I conceive that:
Optimal intelligence recreates reality's appearance.
Our existence is true and validates this.
Reality needs causelessness, in order
to be true from and as a logical basis
such as we purport any science.
Reality implies my completeness theorem:
All that is true follows from reality.
This is a self-evident axiom,
given solely the meaning of its words."

"when I am mistaken, my mind grows a new branch."

"noisy children can be a real headache.
a pill can make a headache go away..."

"loose tuck why it fyur stange cling real itty"

(lose touch with it if you're stangling reality)

"what can we balance nothing with
halve anyideas????????now WEird laff ing!"

"vital sepagration --> 'Living process of intelligence thru novel introspection bolstered by
broadly inclusive perception,

by which one may rationally deconstruct those contradictory and at-outset-likely-subconscious
assumptions lying within the realm of associative belief,

thereby allowing mind's force of intermittent creation and connection to consciously integrate
the entity's wholeness

upon consideration of environmental factors and in response to the disruption of internal

as to ensure life's singular purposiveness to continue to acquire and appreciate viable

in other words we must explode in our body of form coherent,
or do otherwise willfully, elsehow..."

This is the inner stuff I've worked with
and believed I was doing and believed was happening to me.

I've been a lunatic for as long as I can remember, staring intently upon that moon when visible.

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