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 In being; *(gasp)*... in being: real.6 comments
pictureSaturday, August 21st 2004, by nednednerb

"by what azimuth do we set our course?"

"by those rare pioneers who ... offer future generations
the topology of internal states & further spheres..."

Perhaps. I believe so conveniently and intentionally,
for in its conceptions this artful expression bridles
will into a tap of intent.
Some scientists may insist our course in of matter rules,
and to that I reply 'sure, in going with our _provisions_,'
because cultural artifacts cannot be separated
from communicative and intentional, intelligent purpose.

Some who are dogmatic may insist that we offer minimal
contribution to the course of fate for things and figures,
and to that I reply 'sure, in that here one can consider larger
schema's for perceiving the realscope hyperstem of all and life!'
because individual autonomy may exist in numerous forms
at numerous levels. This universe may be seen reasonable
only as a free will zone existing as 'mechexpressive' connections
between minds roving everywhere, even such that some minds don't
think, perceive, or act at all
like us. Makes sense to me.
Some who are sensitive to and appreciative of humanity
in an intelligent ecosystem accept that our survival
and peace demand and entail ecological respect and honesty,
and upon emotional devotion, and I agree fully.

I want to affirm every notion that nature
itself has a conscious desire partly revealed
and embodied in us, a purpose of moving to such
a state of symbiosis that all sentient creatures
accept and love their lives!

Who stop conflict, contrast, and challenge
when we can resolutely embrace our presence?
Perhaps because we can evolve somehow that it becomes unnecessary
for us, but I'd never willingly give up
the contrasts and challenges of learning this life with others.

War as 'killing to achieve goals' should barely be given
as proper a name as 'conflict,' for war is _far_
closer in form to 'decision.'
in being: real. What else 'in real'
but being have we?

I hear all sorts of people claiming we can't know or perceive the
character and form of the absolutely underlying reality of events,
but at the same time!:
I feel it's possible that I could rely
on your honesty if you so much as reveal expression,
and I also think I see many things that can be used
by me to serve function of my expression.

How could one rip
your absolutely underlying
reality from my events!?
save for all all ALL
of you dying and fading
me away, to perpetually be alone???

It aghasts me
when others say I can't reach truth,
when I am stricken thru perception in my heart
that it waits silently until we openly do share ourselves!

It feels weird and new to say these things, like they will be a source
for relieving tears one day, a route to opening... but for now, I
wanted words for you. I almost desperately hope you will relate.
"This is Major Tom to ground con-trol, I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today."
-David Bowie
From page 496-7 of "Toward the One":

"The counselled may not find him or herself at the crossroads
between decisions,
but simply have no idea at to what to undertake.
One has every right to feel that surely there must be
some guidance at hand
by those who are endowed with more insight as to the
purpose of life.
Hazrat Inayat Khan gave certain guidelines:
the purpose is like the horizon, the further one advances,
the further it recedes.
However, the first purpose one is able to grasp is
even though one may fully intuit its futility as seen as one
advances in realization,
since realization seems more important than all one
However, it becomes clear that realization is gained
in the course of accomplishment,
beceause in order to meet the challenge
of the imperfection of outer circumstances
one must put one's potential into operation
thereby discovering one's eternal being
which one might seek in meditation but fail
fully to perceive and apprehend
without the challenge and abrasion
of outer circumstances.
If on seeks to return to the state in which one was
at the beginning of time
accomplishment does not seem to make sense
but if one realizes that something is attained
by incorporating the archetypes of being into the
and the body
which will then be carried over into post eternity
by ressurrection
one sees clearly that manifestation makes reality more
There is a complementary orientation of meditation to
the quest for the absolute
illuminating consciousness from on high
while enriching the material life with the bounty drawn
from that illumination.
This should lift many a stumbling block
keeping new age people from entering the arena
on the ground of contempt for accomplichment.
Ultimately it is this realization that is gained from it
when Jamshed's kingdom is fallen
in the dust of blivion lost in the tides of time.
It doesn't matter "what" is accomplished.
It matters how one deals with all the phases that one
participates in, in the course of the accomplishment, for
here lies the food of realization.
It is important that one should have it under control and
use it for meditation
upon the descent of the divine attributes thru one
to meet problems as they arise."

To contemplate...
Two can con-template...

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21 Aug 2004 @ 07:50 by shawa : Two or more...:-)
I´d take this into bits and quote you everywhere, lol!
What a magician you are with WORDS, and I do relate, it seems, to what fills the words! ...

Two c(a)n template, but better three, and close the triangle. ;-)  

21 Aug 2004 @ 11:06 by swan : Being real
the ultimate place to BE and the ultimate challenge.  

21 Aug 2004 @ 16:59 by nednednerb : yes!~
...yes~! I like playing in metaphors.

Would four make something like a square, and so on to a circle at infinity, all of us?

And one person makes but a point to begin any of the constructions.... zooom up the point and it's like a circle again. Three or four or more infiniity circles making figures? Who knew what kind of game we could play?

...and permitting the ultimate reward: voices returned accepting of one who reaches out...

Thank you!  

21 Aug 2004 @ 17:04 by shawa : That´s it!
Four, five, six, etc...Until there is a circle of points, each one with a projection of energy towards the "empty" center, and then we can synergetically change dimensions altogether...becoming a pyramid...reaching the sky...Up and down the ladder we go!
The play of in-carnation...:-)  

21 Aug 2004 @ 18:54 by spiritseek : sounds like
a cone or funnel in which your speaking about,if you add the coiling or spiraling effect I think you've got it. Critical Mass.  

21 Aug 2004 @ 19:05 by nednednerb : wow
an iq test online once called me a "visual mathematician", and hehe... I love math and geometry...want to teach it actually...

This is a beautiful conversation! I'm having wonderful geometrical sensations (those who really love math actually _feel_ the linguistic transformations that denote an experiential transformation.) My mind transforms around the image of a circular line in 2D each point pointing toward the center warping dimensionally into a pyramidal spiral artifice, a conduit for funneling us between ourselves.

Perhaps this 'geometrisoulcosm' could also stand before a wide pool of water, so a reverse image would mirror, and I imagine this "shape" being dispersed thru wormhole-ish things connecting worlds to worlds, also like a tornado lifting up from here expanding, and our spiralling energies wormholing across spaces into the apexes of other world's circles....


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