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 A more indifferent THAN EVER BEFORE commercial on television...
category pictureFrom Tah-CO Belle's new commercial on numerous channels, exhibited is a celebration of an ability to eat more food than is necearry while it is unhealthy, unbalanced food, at that!

Thru the commercial, 1) a concept of "full" is emphasized as a desired outcome satisfied by the ecologicallly unhealthy animal business 'dealt with,' and also in the commercial this "full"ness is uncompromisingly applauded and accepted for being attainable by possession of 2) a concept of "value."

This value is expressed as "ninety-nine cents."

"Get full, on value..."

This is so explosively aggressive toward every partnership social value and ethical insight which has existed on Earth that I wonder how there could be need to tear this statement and visual correlates apart, how there would be anyone who did not question this and bark at this!

One would think you could manage selling a taco without endangering the stable ecosystem or threatening the social fabric of peace, but not Tah-CO Belle! (and this is merely quite exemplary of a common perspective many looking have clearly seen) Right away, I notice three things in this commercial which are messed up and contradicting the objectives of peace, harmony, and beauty for all beings; all this for selling a taco by certain methods and with certain contextual images:

1)Applauded be that western stomachs be infatuantly bloated feeling, while it is common knowledge that millions of humans on Earth are starving and empty stomanched. Nah, who cares, you be "FULL"! is their message in this commercial.

2)The great "value" offered (besides which I have a linguistic/philosophical incompatibility with their use of this word) is a larger amount of beef. This is unhealthy at current rates of consumption in the target demographic for these commercials AND ALSO this is ecologically, socially irresponsible, as vast amounts of south american rain forest are being clear-cutted for cow-pastures for the greater "value" of land that could feed Earth with farms instead of fueling fast food unhealthiness...

3)The final blur of audacity is the maker of the commercial's reluctance to include any notion of these things even tho the CEO's have undoubtedly been informed by eco whistle-blowers and eco-media to the current risk of proceeding as this. They forge straight ahead...  Read More