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2009-09-20: Food for Thought—Knowledge Chains around Food Cycles
2009-08-16: I am an artist, have my art.
2009-07-01: Freedom, Fancy, and Life’s Mystery from Spinoza to Romanticism
2009-03-01: Novelty and change are good.
2008-08-26: Life for Living (essay on Cultural Psychosis) by Brenden MacDonald
2007-12-01: The Bird Cage of Spirit
2007-02-10: Insights toward Sanity
2005-12-02: To Inspire an Adequate Response...
2004-12-16: What does it mean in? Exploring the domain of materialism.
2004-09-22: On use of experience and reason
2004-08-29: Moving time.
2004-08-28: I like these!
2004-08-26: 'Really, aren't I?' whispered a little (sum-poe try-ing.)
2004-08-24: Find a way each of our ideas give the same peace
2004-08-24: bioimperative
2004-08-24: inside me
2004-08-23: trust your body
2004-08-21: Cultural psychosis?
2004-08-21: "nevr realize yr hav frever to be..."
2004-08-21: In being; *(gasp)*... in being: real.
2004-08-21: Coming to terms with the bizarrely essential.

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