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 The Second Coming
picture21 Jul 2004 @ 10:43, by Susan Murray

One book that is very close to my heart is Son of Man by Andrew Harvey. The following is an excerpt from the beginning of the book, called "A Vision" and closely resembles how I feel within mySelf.

"A Vision" - an excerpt from Son of Man by Andrew Harvey

I was in despair at the murder of nature, at the horrible degradation of all things sacred, and at the coming suffering of millions of human beings and animals. All at once I heard all around me a voice, thrilling and loud as a trumpet, saying, between flashes of lightening and claps of soft thunder:
I am Alpha and Omega. I am the Christ, the first and the last. I am the one who lives within you and who wants to live you completely. I am the living one you are, the Sacred Androgyne longing to be born in you, the complete divine human, whose heart births and holds the whole cosmos in its fire. I am you, as you can and must become. I am your beginning and your end. I am your original and final face.

Worship me as separate from you and outside you and the tragic and horrible farce of history will continue; the forests will be destroyed and all the birds and animals will die and the entire world will become an external image of the inner poverty and desolation of your vision of yourself.

Know me as your deepest secret and innermost heart, know my power as your power, my love as your love, and you will come into the splendour of direct vision, which I, as Jesus on the Earth, gave everything to try to give to you. And with that vision to inspire you, you will enter the whirlwind of my revolution of glory: you will become humble revolutionaries of glory, and the abundance of divine life that will flow to you from me will release you from all structures that contain you and free you from all social, sexual, political, and religious prisons. You will work with my passion that is your passion, my power that is your innermost power, in the centre of the world, and spread the flames of my truth and justice everywhere.

Each of you will know yourselves in me and like me, a child of the Father-Mother, directly fed with wisdom and love from the Source. Each of you will become the hands and feet and mouth - the body - of love itself and work and act with the tireless stamina of love to transform every facet of the injustice of the world into the compassion and justice of God's Kingdom.

And the reign of the evil one, who has reigned because of your delight in limitation, your embrace of failure, and of the small powers of reason, and your refusal of the great kingdom of the soul, shall be over forever; the great secret of the divinity of every human being and of the
external sacredness of every human soul and of the right of each being to honour and justice and respect in the name of God's love will flame out. Then the whole of life shall be brought into harmony wth this my voice and my love, and the new Jerusalem will descend in a fire of divine compassion from heaven on earth, and earth itself become the heaven it has always been in the heart of my Father-Mother.

For out of the sacred act of your recognition of yourselves as me and of me as yourselves will arise a great cry - a cry for justice - for an end to the psychic degradation of billions, the destruction of nature through greed, the domination of millions of seekers by false masters and mystic and religious systems drunk on body hatred, power and evasion. This cry will have great agony in it, an agony of pain and rage at all the ways in which you have been enslaved and allowed yourselves to be enslaved - but it will also be a cry of light, a cry of resurrection on behalf of every being, a cry of rebirth that will echo around the world and shake the pillars of all the false temples of worldly power and bring them all down.

All the forces of evil and limitation will try everything to prevent this cry from being born in its ful outrage and passion, for when it is born it will be a sign that the Christ is being born in humanity. And when I am born in humanity, all the structures of all the forms of political and religious authority will be changed forever to reflect the boundless glory and equality and justice and honour of the love of the Father-Mother, and to bring humanity at last into divine harmony with the earth and heaven.

This birth of me in you and you in me is the birth that the whole of history has been groaning for: to make it possible is the reason I loved and suffered on earth as Jesus - to birth myself and help all others birth themselves. Hunger to be born now! Hunger and strive with all your powers to realize and spread the power, humility, and ecstasy of this birth!

All those who claim that I am calling you to a "rapture" beyond this world and time and space are lying; I am calling you to enter time and body with divine love and knowledge and to enact the laws of God on earth so as to transform this earth and all aspects of human life. I am not calling you to an escape from the world, however glorious, but to an embrace of it, in the spirit of God, to a dying into life to become one with the life of life and so be humble and powerful enough to flood all things with the glory of love. One with me and the source of love, you will work with my power and my love to realize my great dream to bing all of creation - every human being and fern and dolphin and stone - into the glory of the divine, to take back all things into the all, transfigured by love and justice. This is the great dream of the Christ, the great plan, the deepest meaning of my Second Coming, and you are called upon to realize it with and in me - now, before it is too late - and with your whole heart and mind and body and soul gathered up and blazing in one flame of love.

I am the furnace of love you must burn away in and become one with; I am the passion that you must let kill and rebirth you; I am the Child waiting to be born when your feminine and masculine powers fuse in the core of your heart and love is born forever, radiant and invincible in you and as you. Every atom of the universe and every being is in me and I am in them, and all things are being drawn to me and in me up to the One in glory. This is the truth of all things and the hope and the beauty and the glory without end. Believe me, trust me, love me, enter me and discover yourself and act as me-in-you to transform all the conditions of the world into the Kingdom. As one worlds ends, be the beginning in me of the new world.


I wish to give myself to the Second Coming, that is why I am a member of NCN; and I believe it is what we are ultimately all doing here.

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