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picture11 Oct 2004 @ 15:50, by Paul Quintanilla

Once upon a time there was a cave. Nobody knew very much about it except that it was quite large. And that when you looked inside it was dark.

Those who lived outside didn’t have a very high opinion of the cave dwellers, and called them “Rocks.” it was also said that the Rocks were whittling their stalagmites and stalactites into sharp spears. And that the Rocks would come out in the middle of the night and stab all the Dwellers of the Sun with their spears. And that because they were truly mean and petty, the would do this only out of envy.

The Country of the Dwellers of the Sun had to react to this great imminent danger: and destroy the evil Rocks before they could use their fearsome weapons upon them. So a mighty army was hastily gathered and told by the Sun Dwellers’ King to go into the cave and wipe out the Rocks. That that was the only thing that could be done.

This they did but when they occupied the cave they could find no stalagmites or stalactites. They had once existed but they had been ground into powder years before. And they knew this to be true for it wasn’t long before the Sun Dwellers’ army completely captured the cave. And there was nothing there to be found.

But the Rocks didn’t want their cave taken over and occupied by the Dwellers of the Sun. And knowing the cave, and how to take advantage of all its dark spots and corners, they began to raid the Sun Dwellers’ camps. And the casualties among the young occupiers began to run high.

But at home, in the Land of the Sun Dwellers, it became known that the Rocks had never had any sharpened stalagmites or stalactites to begin with. That the Rocks had never been an imminent threat. And the King’s motives and “intelligence sources” came into question. And some said the King may have only wanted the gold buried deep within the cave’s walls. And that he may not have been honest with the people.

But, still, there were those who said that, even so, the Sun Dwellers had to “back” their troops. Even if many were returning dead. And that they had to “stay the course” or else their soldiers would only “die in vain.” And that the soldiers in the cave had to know the people at home backed their great valor and courage.

So whenever a citizen of the Land of the Sun Dwellers complained of all these deaths he was called a “traitor,” and charged with not “backing the troops.” And, what’s more, the King said that the Rocks truly had “evil” in their hearts. And that if they had sharpened stalagmites and stalactites they would use them. For they were petty and “evil.”

But the cave was very large and dark. And though the Sun Dwellers’ troops were brave and well equipped, with the most modern weapons of war, they continued to return dead, week after week, day after day. And hundreds and then thousands of them were dead. And many thousands more were wounded.

But a brave child among the Sun Dwellers (the same one who had once seen the Emperor had no clothes) boldly walked up to the mouth of the cave one day. And innocently looked in. And could hear the agonized screaming of all the dying inside, for not only were Sun Dwellers being killed but many many more Rocks were also dying. And the destruction was awful.

And the child asked the King of the Sun Dwellers: “Why do you allow them to die inside?”

And the King answered: “Because I back our troops. And because the Rocks are evil”

“But if the Rocks have no sharpened weapons how can they ever hurt us?”

“Because they have evil in their hearts and souls and minds. And the stalactites and stalagmites may form yet once again.”

“So our soldiers die?”

“I thoroughly back our troops.”

“But wouldn’t it be better,” the child asked, “if you brought them out of the cave? In that way they wouldn’t die?”

“But if I did I would be told that I had “lost” The Cave of the Rocks. And that all our troops had only died in vain.”

The child thought this over, and found the king’s logic puzzling.

“You would be told you had betrayed the troops,” the child said, “by ending the slaughter? So you allow them to continue to die?”

The King thought this over. “But what would people say? They would say that the troops had died for nothing. That could never be allowed to happen. And I would have to admit to making a mistake.”

“So for those reasons you continue to allow our brave soldiers to die?”

“I have to stay the course. A King must say to the world he means what he means. And he must always be strong and hard. Or else the world will think we’re weak.”

And so it was. The King, out of pride and stubbornness, didn’t bring the Sun Dwellers’ troops home. And day after day they continued to die. Until finally, after many years, the people realized that enough was enough. Nobody even knew why they were there anymore, or why the war had begun. And with mounting demonstrations and riots on the streets the people forced the King finally to bring the troops home. But by then the old King had died, and another King had taken over. The Good King John: who had to “stay the course,” and didn’t want to be known as the King who had “lost” the Cave of the Rocks. For what would history think of him? This was what was on his mind as he looked at the daily figures of all the dead and wounded. All the men and women who had died. For he had to know how he could save face? And once he could see how his country’s honor could be saved all the dying and destruction would finally end.

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12 Oct 2004 @ 15:15 by jazzolog : The Big Fool
said to, "Push on!" Will we find a new Pete Seeger to sing and tell us these stories? Thank you Paul!  

12 Oct 2004 @ 18:38 by spiritseek : Hmmm...
this story sounds familiar! Hope it soon has an ending.  

12 Oct 2004 @ 20:09 by ov : Stone Kingdom
{link:groups.yahoo.com/group/Aemortal/message/411|An Open Letter to Young Women of the World from Stone Kingdom}

Date: 10 Oct 2004
Subject: An Open Letter to Young Women of the World from the Stone Kingdom
From: Ariel Ky arielky@lmi.net">

October 10, 2004. This morning I woke from a dream with a message from the Stone Kingdom. If this message resonates with you, please send it out to others who will keep it moving so that it gets the widest possible circulation.

An Open Letter to Young Women of the World from the Stone Kingdom

Look around you with your own eyes and what do you see? Are people happy? Does the earth sing? Is there harmony and peace? Do the birds thrill you with their song and pierce your heart with their paeans to the beauty of the day?

Look in your heart and what do you feel? Are you happy? Does love flow from the center of your being for everyone and everything you encounter? Do the juices of life vibrate every chord of your being so that you rejoice with the gift of life and savor the experience of being alive?

We are the voice of the stone kingdom speaking to you. You should be able to say a resounding yes to all of the questions before you. That is your birthright as a human. Anything else or anything less is out of harmony in what is meant for you to experience on this beautiful planet.

Deep in your soul you know this and you wonder why you hear the anguished cries of hurt and dying children, women and men. You wonder why the throbbing air machines rain agony over the land, scorching the earth and destroying the people. You wonder where the birds have gone and why you don’t hear their happy songs. You wince when you think of the animals disappearing because the false stone ways have covered too much of what they need to survive.

We speak to you that you can change all this. We say rise young women and speak – you are the future of your people. Speak for all of those you care about. Speak with your vote in the process of deciding who governs the people. Take up your role as daughters of the Earth to care for the land and its creatures, the trees and plants, the waters and its creatures, the air and its creatures. Become the ones who govern the people yourselves along with any others who share your vision.

Speak to the people in your life, to the men, the fathers and grandfathers, the uncles, the brothers, the husbands, lovers, and friends, and to your sons, yes, even to those who haven’t been born yet. Speak for them. Speak to the women in your life, your mothers and grandmothers, your aunts, and your sisters, your cousins, your friends. Speak to your teachers and spiritual leaders. Let them know what you care about and what you want done to bring harmony and peace to everyone and everything on this wondrous planet.

Listen to the ancestors. Don’t forget what they have done. Listen to the voice of wisdom of those who have come before you. Listen to us. Hear our voice exhorting you to step forward and claim the vision of a world you want to carry on. Stand forward in all your glory and power. Speak for everyone and everything whose voice is not heard or consulted. Our message to you is to speak your peace and let your voice ring throughout the land.

Young women of the world you can choose not to bring forth life, not to have babies if your voice is not heeded.

- Written by Ariel Ky acting as Voice of the Stone Kingdom  

12 Oct 2004 @ 23:17 by Quinty @ : With your own eyes...

Lysistrata? Men can wonder about lost opportunities too. Very beautiful, though. And it makes one wonder about the spiritual and creative climate we live in. Thanks for sharing.  

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