The Night Queen: Fall Equinox 2004 Report: by Barbara Hand Clow    
 Fall Equinox 2004 Report: by Barbara Hand Clow
24 Sep 2004 @ 13:55, by Kay Simmons

It's the Fall Equinox, a time to balance and evaluate all the work you've accomplished on your Spring Equinox intentions since the Summer Solstice. What were your intentions at the 2004 Spring Equinox? How did you develop them through the summer? And, now that they have taken visible form, what needs to be finished, changed, or dropped this fall? To be able to go into deep contemplation during the Winter Solstice quarter, it is necessary to round out these intentions and integrate them in your life.

Fall Equinox 2004 Report: September 22, 2004
by Barbara Hand Clow

Truthfully, if you are still "trying" to get one or more of these desires together now, consider dropping a few until later, maybe until Spring Equinox 2005. Often we have great ideas, but our sense of timing is off, or we actually don't really want something anyway.

There is always a beautiful harmonic that moves into place when the Sun goes into Libra (the Fall Equinox), and this harmonic power is especially strong with the 2004 Fall Equinox because four planets--Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury--will be setting in a harmonic field from September 22 through November 12. So, like striking a bell perfectly so the tone resounds deeply and clearly for minutes, if you bring the solar harmonic to yourself when the Sun goes into Libra, all four planets will help you resonate with potent and balanced frequencies.

Gerry and I recently taught a workshop at Mirabai Books in Woodstock, NY, and I was very impressed with how far our students are advancing in the midst of the Bushite collective insanity. Many students are really seeing how much their own thoughts create the world. These days, we all live in the midst of an angry, greedy, manipulative energy field in the USA. A student noted that one person with an open heart and a clear mind can reach and assist 90,000 disturbed and confused people on the planet. Since this particular Fall Equinox has such highly unusual harmonics, I suggest you consider balancing yourself and 90,000 people right along with you!

Looking at the Fall Equinox chart, which you may want to print out so you can look at it as you read this text, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury are poised to follow the Sun into Libra, and the Sun conjuncted Jupiter in Virgo the evening before the Equinox, which powerfully grounded personal expansion. Jupiter moves into Libra on 9/24, Mars into Libra 9/26, and Mercury into Libra 9/28. This means that the ability to harmonize our sense of self occurs at the Equinox when the Sun moves into Libra; then the ability to expand and even use mastery powers to enhance our identity occurs when Jupiter moves into Libra; the force and aggressive energy to take our personal power occurs when Mars goes into Libra; and the ability to comprehend and communicate a clear sense of who we are occurs when Mercury goes into Libra. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo just before the Fall Equinox grounds and structures our self worth, and then like that well-wrung bell, a wonderful Jupiterian harmonic infuses our hearts with confidence. Just after Mars goes into Libra on 9/26, Mars conjuncts Jupiter, which intensifies feelings of wellbeing.

Mercury will conjunct the Sun in 13 Libra on October 6, which will bring much new thought about these beautiful harmonics, as well as complete the Mercury retrograde cycle of August 9 through September 2. All this deepens because Pluto exactly squares Mercury in Virgo. Mars squared Pluto on September 9, which released really incredible underworld forces, and the Sun squared Pluto on September 11, which made the dark underworld forces meaningful, manifest, and menacing for the world. Hurricane Ivan is a potent image for Mars as well as for the Sun squaring Pluto, and Ivan is likely to cause widespread destruction on September 15, when the Sun meets Mars. (I am writing this September 12 because I have to travel.) What does all this mean? At the personal level, it means we come to the Fall Equinox balancing with many deep and truthful insights about reality. At the political level, the collective insanity rages on and on, and many people object to a barbaric version of reality but feel helpless because few have figured out how a collective insanity functions.

Pluto's transits force me to be very political in this Fall Equinox reading, because the Sun/Mars squares to Pluto are deeply involved with the 1776 USA Founding chart. (See the Methodology for the Sibly USA Founding chart referred to hereinafter as "1776".) The 1776 Mars in 21 Gemini squares the 1776 Neptune in 22 Virgo. Pluto was in 20 to 24 degrees of Sagittarius December through July 2004, activating the 1776 Mars square Neptune. This was a long and agonizing period because Pluto retrograded at 22 Sag just after the Spring Equinox. If you recall, this was the period when it became apparent that the US was mired in Iraq, the prisoner abuse scandals were revealed, and the 9/11 commission and many writers were examining US intelligence agencies. We have had a
short period of slight relief from Pluto opposing the 1776 Mars and squaring the 1776 Neptune during August and September. The same issues will come back full bore October 2004 through January 2005, and Pluto returns to this range April 2005 through November 2005. The reason Pluto always has his way and forces us to transform or die, to be truthful or get caught, is simply because he moves so slowly and hammers us for so
long. In this case, what's getting hammered is the integrity of the US and respect for the US in the world. Each one of us who can face the truth now influences 90,000 people who are afflicted with foggy brains.

To speak my truth, I have been amazed by how much progress half the people are making in the US. The others are busy flag-waving and going gaga over the Bushites. I have stated many times that Americans must wake up and realize that our government is and always has been involved in conspiracies and covert action just like any other government in the world. A belief was instilled in Americans that our political system is
different. Americans fell for this idea because the 1776 Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Virgo makes us prone to violent fantasies and delusions of self importance, and Hollywood makes sure the masses can'tthink straight. Now, this delusional complex has gotten so huge that while our country slaughters thousands of innocent Iraqis, the only concern is about American soldiers and their families.

The Pluto transits to the 1776 chart during 2003 through 2005 are the reckoning for America. Since the problem is the American inability to realize Americans are no better or worse than anybody else, then those of us who can see the truth and help others to also do it are very important right now. The whole Fall Equinox period will be a time of more truth coming out and a building awareness of what the world thinks of America. Gerry and I travel a lot, and I can tell you, most of the world is terrified of America and its violence in the Middle East. American behavior is widely compared to the rise of the Third Reich in the 1930s. Pluto will clarify the world's attitude regarding US policy this fall, and Pluto may present a solution during 2005. That is what Pluto-square-Mercury tells us as the Sun moves into Libra. When Mercury goes into Libra on 9/28, you may see some revelations along these lines.

During the Fall Equinox, Chiron in Capricorn (just past the Moon in Capricorn) trines Mercury (exact the next day), which informs us that being able to face these truths, no matter how difficult, will be a healing. Chiron opposes Saturn in Cancer, which suggests these lessons will be very major. Thinking of Saturn as a stern father who loves us and knows we must be strong, let us have a look at Saturn's influence during the fall. Saturn is in 25 Cancer and moves to 27 Cancer where it retrogrades on November 8, just after the election. The 1776 Pluto is 27 Capricorn, directly opposing it! Then Saturn moves to oppose Pluto, stops, and then goes back for while. This is a big influence that begins during the Equinox; our stern father is coaxing out the truth about what America is doing. This says that unless we change, the rest of the world will unite against us maybe in 2005, just as we had to against Hitler 60 years ago. The most fascinating thing about these extraordinary dynamics is that Chiron in Capricorn is approaching the 1776 Pluto at the Equinox, and Chiron conjuncts the 1776 Pluto in January 2005. The truth that is coming is a healing for all, except for the people who believe the US should control the world.

The midpoint between the Moon and Chiron is quincunxed by Venus in Leo. This suggests that potent female forces will push for a great healing of feelings that have been so traumatized by events during the early phase of this New Millennium. Few other astrologers paid much attention to the Chiron/Pluto conjunction on December 30, 1999, which was a key aspect that will color the next 100 years, since the Chiron /Pluto conjunction was right on the 1776 Ascendant of 12 degrees Sagittarius rising. The Millennial chart is prophetic for the World Trade Center Bombing Chart (WTC). [Millennial Moon conjuncts WTC Mercury/Ascendant; Millennial Chiron/Pluto conjuncts WTC Pluto; and Millennial Mercury on the Galactic Center opposes the WTC Moon.] Astrologers, check these charts in the Methodology! What does this mean for us now? It means we will heal this terrible American blindness, and the Fall Equinox Venus shows the way. Venus not only quincunxes the Moon/Chiron midpoint, she also trines Pluto in fire, which says the feminine is the source for healing.

Sun/Jupiter/Mars quincunxes the lunar North Node, which tells us the Libra harmonic that is coming in will guide us forward on this treacherous karmic pathway. How karmic is it? Well, outside of astrology, America's secret societies, which have been running our
country since 1776, believe that America is meant to be the new Atlantis, the conquering civilization that controls the Earth for everyone else's benefit. Notice what happened to Atlantis! That is the level of karma that is unfolding, so no wonder all this is intense! Hmmmm, so what about our trusty transformer, Uranus? Uranus in early Pisces, still finding its water wings in murky Neptune, quincunxes Sun/Jupiter/Mars; our change patterns are erratic, confusing, pushy, and uncomfortable. Uranus makes us feel like donkeys being pulled down the road, and eventually we just want to sit down. We can't! Pluto-trine-Venus means that tattling females will invade male secret meetings, or crawl in the sack with somebody who needs to get taken down. After all, it doesn't take much intelligence to see the election is a puppet show, since both Bush and Kerry went to Yale and are both members of Skull and Bones. They both think they are going to found the new Atlantis, but that's the past! Half of us are heading into a transformative future and learning how to master our brain frequencies. If earth changes are to shake up the world as they did when Atlantis fell, then everybody gets on a more equal footing. Hurricanes might be making Jeb Bush uncomfortable.

Regarding events in Washington, DC, this fall, the Fall Equinox chart is cast for Washington, which enables me to add house positions to this reading. To read a seasonal chart, only planetary angles and signs can be used. If you want houses for your location, just cast your chart for your location. Yet, isn't it amazing how much you can see even without houses? As for Washington, the Sun/Jupiter/Mars/Mercury stellium falls in the 10th house, which suggests the emphasis in the fall will be on media, aggressive force, money, and power. Pluto in 1 squares Mercury in 10, which suggests that darkness and fear will be the order of the day. Your only option is to turn off the TV, especially since the only thing keeping it going is the hundreds of millions of dollars of ads being wasted by Bush and Kerry. Neptune and Uranus in 3 means the most potent forms of mind manipulation and surprise will be going on, which will wreak havoc with the nervous systems of anybody tuning in. Moon/Chiron in 2 means pain will be potently grounded as death mounts and meaning diminishes. The lunar North Node in 5 suggests Washington will be very creative, which has been one of the hallmarks of the Bushites. Saturn is in 8, which suggests the great influence of secret societies now. Venus in Leo is the wild card during the Fall Equinox, and she is in 9-house of spirit-which means the female solutions that are found will be very spiritual; the goddess is greater than male powers. The fire goddess is the one who comes to break down destructive patterns. Perhaps one of the Bushites will get caught in the sack with one of the goddesses.

The influence of the Fall Equinox chart holds until the Winter Solstice, so you may want to print this analysis out and refer to it occasionally. Remember, the New Moon influence also holds strongly until the Aries Full Moon on September 28. Then Mercury will moves into Libra, and you will really be able to ascertain the potent harmonics. Using harmonic powers is rather tricky because they are so subtle. Your access to this wisdom lies right in the intentions you've been working with since Spring Equinox, so learn from your own life and forget about the Bushites, who are the past attempting to get out of the past, and get into the present. You are the future.

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