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 Dolphins, faries, condors
picture10 Sep 2002 @ 11:54, by Kay Simmons

If you love Dolphins, faries, condors and mermaids, if you love beauty and imagination; if you love a free spirit; if you love the heart of the divine feminine then this web site has a lot to offer you.

Meet my friend Ashie Nielsen the Dolphin woman of the Islands. She now has her own website filled with music, color and so many stories of dolphins, mermaids, Nature Spirits and angels and faries. She tells about her re-birthing experience and about her many journeys both to the inner worlds and all around this planet.

She journeyed to Machu Picchu and the fabled crystal city and shares her experience with you. She had mystical experiences in the Spanish Cathedral at Cocacabana, Brazil. She has watched the Condors circle in the skies above and has taken photos of them.

Take your time and enjoy this website.


The art work is called. "Mermaid's Ride" and it comes from this website


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