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 Mama Sheep and Baby Lamb
picture8 Sep 2002 @ 10:59, by Kay Simmons

This is an older entry that I have reposted.. It is a true experience from when I was a small girl. Enjoy

This is another true story from when I was a little kid of how Consciousness works. What we belive enough to act upon will often bring results.

I was raised in the hill country of what is now Montery Park out in California. We lived up in a box canyon surrounded on three sides by hills. These hills were my playground. Every Spring the Shepherds would come with their sheep and set up camp for several weeks while the sheep grazed. They always came before lambing season got into full swing. I loved to sit on the hillside and watch the little lambs jump and frolick.

I also got to know one of the sheperds whose name was Jessie. He was an old Grandpa type that a little kid could easily fall in love with. Besides he always had a pocket full of Jujubies and gumdrops and a bag of marshmallows for the campfire. And on top of that he always had a story.

It was always a big deal to hurry home from school, get my homework done and head up into the hills to see Jessie and the sheep. One day as I came up the hill I could hear bleeting sounds that alarmed me. Something is wrong. Kids just know things like that. When I topped the hill there was old Jessing sitting on his rock sipping coffee. Off to his right was a newborn lamb crying and off to the left was a mama also crying and both baby and mama were in distress. And there sat Jessie just watching and shaking his head.

"What's wrong Jessie"?

"Well Katy-did, the mama had a baby that died and her bag is full. Looks like a serious infection is about to set in. I just don't have time to milk her and so she will die. The baby is a newborn and its' mama died and so it will starve because I don't have time to bottle feed it. It is just nature out here. Some of the herd die."

"JESSIE, Put them together. It is easy, Just put them together.!" I couldn't belive how stupid the old man was.

"It doesn't work that way. The baby will go to any mama. The problem is that a mama won't take any baby but her own. This is why sheep are known as really dumb animals."

"Jessie that is stupid. I will go talk to them." Well Jessie knew what a strange little kid I was but he loved me just the same. With Jessie I could always be me and I knew it. So Walking up to the mama I start in on my first ever CED conversation --- Conscious Evolution Dialogue -- " look, you are being really dumb. you are hurting and you are going to die if you don't get over it soon. So I am going to bring that starving baby over here to you and you are going to take that baby and love it as your own. You dumb old mama if it were a lion that I were bringing over, I could understand why you would be afraid, but one of your own kind? Get over it."

I go and get the baby and pick it up. The whole time Jessie was sitting on his rock laughing at me. I had just read in school that same day how everyone had laughed at Dr. Walter Reed down in the Panama Canal over the mosquito deal. People were wrong about him and Jessie is wrong now. And I knew it. Somethings a kid just knows.

I cary the baby over to the mama and set it down and I look the mama in the eye and said one more time, "Get over it." And I meant it. She got over it. Jessie stopped laughing and he just starred at the three of us.

"How did you do that?"

"You heard me. I just talked sense to the both of them. They listened."

I got lots of Jujubies and hot cocoa with marshmallows that day. And that old mama always would come up to me and let me pet her from that day on.

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