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 The Military and Aliens Beings
picture18 Jan 2002 @ 23:49, by Kay Simmons

Dan Sherman: Above Black, a free read

In the Beginning

Since my book was released in October of 1997, a lot has happened. I've spoken in front of over 10,000 people and have been interviewed on over 100 radio stations across the nation. My experience has also been featured in print and TV worldwide, has been the subject of countless discussions on the Internet and the book has been shipped to more than 40 countries. It has truly been an eye opening experience to see how much yearning there is to know the truth about our existence and the existence of alien beings.

Free at Last

Prior to ABOVE BLACK being published, I realized the Internet would play a crucial role in the spreading of my story. I knew that once it was on the Internet, the rabbit would be out of the bag and any potential retribution from the government surrounding the release of my story would be blocked by the fact that so many people would already have access to the information. Now, thanks to the folks at Acceleration Software, I am able to bring you the entire text of ABOVE BLACK for free. This is an exciting development. Banner advertising has allowed me to bring the story of my experience to a wider audience (anything that is free automatically goes to a wider audience) but at the same time continue to fund and perpetuate the ABOVE BLACK movement that has risen from the release of the book. (So please take a quick look at all the banners and support the ones that interest you.)

The Movement

The ABOVE BLACK movement is bringing together all walks of life. These people have one overriding belief; that the government is hiding something regarding the existence of aliens and they feel that this information should be released to the general public. If you feel like this is a movement that is worthy of supporting, please visit the book's website at You'll be able to show your support by purchasing a signed copy of the book as well as other items that will help raise the awareness of others regarding this important subject.

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Introduction Chapter 1: The Meeting Chapter 2: Reality Check! Chapter 3: Intuitive Communicator Chapter 4: The School Chapter 5: Line Flattening Chapter 6: Prelude to Comms Chapter 7: Enter Spock Chapter 8: PPD Base #2 Chapter 9: Enter Bones Chapter 9: Bones' Revelations Chapter 10: Abduction Data Chapter 11: Bitterness Grows Chapter 12: Discharge Prologue Read the Paranormal Newsletter today!

"Above Black is gut-level convincing. If you're expecting a mind-altering, Strieber-esque tour of the alien psyche, this book won't do it for you. It will, however, kidnap you, test your faith in the myth of an unchallenged national security system, lock you in a guarded underground bunker with nothing but a blank computer screen in front of you, and leave you -- not as alone as you wish -- all in the space of a long evening's read.

A former USAF tech/soldier, Sherman writes in a hybrid military report style, laced with imaginative acronyms which could only come from the stolid minds of agents at the highest NSA security levels. But it's his "only the facts" style that evokes a gut-level belief in what he's talking about, the mundane description of security measures, the first-person accounts of information given by his supervisors, the midnight "comms" with unseen aliens. He speculates little as to the alien's agenda, he draws no concrete conclusions, and he unmercifully leaves us with our imagination running akimbo on many of the issues.

Sherman's Above Black is uncompromising, revealing, and disturbing -- Extreme Reading"

A reader from Portland, OR , September 3, 1999

"In all, we are pleased that Sherman stuck to the facts and created a story worthy of attention. He has delivered unto us a new mystery, and the Rat is grateful to him for our revival."

Glenn Campbell UFOMIND Website

"...received very favorable comments on your lecture for us at MUFON Los Angeles... Your experiences are unique and deserve to be heard by a wider audience."

Donald Waldrop State Section Director Mutual UFO Network - Los Angeles

" Well written, this is one of those books you can't put down. Constantly, I had to keep telling myself that this is supposed to be a true story, but the implications of Mr. Sherman's story are mind boggling indeed."

Bill Stockstill Section Leader MSN UFO Forum Review Reader from Denver, Colorado , February 27, 1999 Sobering evidence of alien interactions with our government "I will admit that I had become "immune" to alien books, having read so many. But my mind was returned to a very familiar place tonight as I finished ABOVE BLACK.

This book has THE vibe of authenticity; it gave me the creeps to look at it.

Dan Sherman gives us the mechanics of the cover-up, as much as he knows. He has the unique perspective of being a genetically enhanced alien creation, supposedly designed to allow IC, intuitive communications, between the greys and humans.

'They' are trading our DNA for techology. This is more hard evidence from a *very* insider. I recommend reading this one, no matter how many you have read and how weary you, like me, may be."

V.S. Ferguson Review Reader from Nothern Virginia , August 2, 1998 Most Credible Accounting of the Gov't UFO Conspiracy Yet!!! "Dan Sherman's 'Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny' is one of the most compelling UFO books I have read. Told in a straight, matter-of-fact tone, Sherman recounts his recruitment and training by the Air Force to communicate 'intuitively' with an alien species. According to Sherman his story begins in the early 60's with the abduction of his mother and his own subsequent genetic manipulation to foster his unique communication abilities. Subsequent to his entry into the Air Force, Sherman eventually is recruited into AF Intelligence. While stationed at the National Security Agency to attend an electronic warfare course, Sherman is also trained secretly to invoke his 'Intuitive Communicator' (IC) abilities and understand the associated protocols. Following his training, the book on one level recounts his AF postings, his communications with aliens and the knowledge they impair. On another, the book documents his increasing ill ease and frustration of being part a sinister! Government program that lies to its people about an impending Armageddon and it's complicity in the abduction of citizens it's sworn to protect. As a UFO investigator of sorts, I have checked many of Sherman's claims and have verified the veracity of each one. My only critique is that Dan writing will not be confused with a great stylist."

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