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 Trans-Portals 1
picture7 Jan 2002 @ 19:11, by Kay Simmons

That which is called "disease," within your current society, is usually a gateway to transformation. It matters not what TYPE of disease one is discussing. Most diseases are doorways, through which certain individuals have dared not go.

Dear Friends: For whatever reason, these folks become STUCK---halfway in and halfway out---and they begin to deteriorate until they finally make a decision and complete the process.

All around you, in every place, there exist various types of Energy Gates---portals in time and space---through which a person can pass to new life and experiences. Some are visible, and some are etheric. All of them are real. Some of these portals are tied to specific physical locales. Simply to visit these locations is to be transformed. Other portals require energetic "passwords" or "vibational signatures" to activate them. Still others---those connecting to the highest levels of transformation ---require the usage of passwords and code keys, along with "sponsorship" by an Etheric Master, so that the unconscious or unprepared can not enter them unaware.

There are all kinds of Trans-Portals. Most spring from specific goals and desires for personal exploration. In such cases, the INTENT of the traveler becomes a blade that cuts an opening in the Veil, the membrane which divides your universes. Once a portal is activated, the transformation begins. If you don't hurry through and complete your process, you begin to get sick.

The transformation begins with two elements: disorder and disintegration. When a physical body passes through a portal, it begins to be broken down into basic elements that can be transported easily within the Multiverse. When the decision is made, the fulfillment can be instantaneous and quite unnoticeable. The human mind has a tremendous filtration ability, which edits out all knowledge of these TRANS-PORTALS. It gives you the impression that your physical reality is one continuous "movie," rather than the series of "short subjects" which it actually is.

The infusion of disorder ("chaos energy") into any organized structure produces CONFUSION. If you examine this word, you will see the prefix "con" (meaning opposing or against) attached to the word "fusion," which denotes structure or organization. To become con-fused means to LIFT OFF from your current structure, in the same way a rocket ship launches itself, and move towards something new.

The process of con-fusion focuses upon the mind. It scrambles old thoughts and orientations, to prepare for new ones. Its physical counterpart is CONSUMPTION. When the Gate is entered, the acelleration actually consumes the physical body. Once the traveler arrives at his new destination, the energetic INTENT that carried him there slows back down into a new physical body. Having arrived within his new world, his human mind is free to concoct any number of rationalizations to explain his sudden thrust of energy, followed by his re-integration back into physical form. Sometimes, he will awake from sleep and assume that he was dreaming. Any memories of the "old" universe are allowed to dissipate as parts of the dream.

Daydreams serve this purpose as well. Or, if a traveler is really imaginative, he will land within the new universe at the wheel of a moving car, which is about to pull into his driveway, at his home within that new context. He will stop the car, look at his house, and wonder exactly HOW he was able to drive "all the way home" without remembering the trip. Wouldn't he be surprised if he realized just HOW FAR "all the way home" was?


There are some instances where travelers enter a Portal and then hesitate. Or, perhaps, a person finds that he is halfway through a Gate before he realizes that has even entered it. As the transformation process begins, the energy of that person gets jammed there at the entrance.

The common roots of most dis-ease are DOUBT and HESITATION. Once those elements stop the acceleration, the con-fusion clouds his connections to what is happening and why. Even as the person forgets what he chose to do, his physical body begins to unravel. The "diseases," which are so symtematically categorized by your medical professions---according to physical symptoms and expected prognoses---become manifest within the parts of the body that have penetrated the Portal enough to be broken down for transport. As the traveler lingers there, the body steadily dissipates---unless a person takes tangible steps to reverse the effects of the Portal upon his flesh.

In this way, many of your medical "procedures and treatments" can be humorous to those who are understand this Trans-Portal process. For a man to remain within a Portal, watching his body slowly disintegrate, is a curious thing. But when he continues to remain in the Gate, while efforting to counteract the process by physical means and medicines is of particular interest. He is like someone who keeps erasing a line drawn upon a piece of paper, only to re-draw it again and again. This is not meant to be an indictment of medicine. It, too, has its place in the scheme of things.


There is a SPLIT that takes place in the mind and heart of a diseased individual who has a clear DESIRE (any desire), that would normally result in passage through a Trans-Portal. Clinging to that desire, is an equally powerful FEAR of what that journey would involve. As the fear holds him in his current universe, his desire pulls him into the vortex of the Gate.

Did you hear the story about how scientists and naturalists now capture monkeys in the wilds of the jungle? They construct cages that have narrow doorways in them. The doorways are barely big enough for a small person (or monkey) to get his hand in. At the back of the cage, the hunters place a banana.

When the monkey discovers the banana, he reaches into the cage to get it. However, the doorway is so small that it is impossible for the monkey to get both his hand AND the banana out of the cage. The monkey is determined. He wants that banana!!! Getting into the cage is abhorrent to him, but leaving without the banana is unthinkable. As he struggles with figuring out how to get the banana out, he fails to notice the hunters who are coming up behind him with the net. He is captured and taken without ever knowing what happened. And.....what's more.......he STILL tries to get at that banana.

Your desires, coupled with your fears, create a BANANA SPLIT that is your disease process. You originally wanted something, even as you blocked yourself from having it. As you reached for it, you developed a temporary amnesia, which clouds your mind, but still allows the emotional craving to draw you in. If you'd just let go of the desire, you'd get your hand back. But often, people forget what drew them into the Portal in the first place. Or, they deny the power of that desire to have such noticeable effects on their physical body.


What is an Energy Gate? Basically, it is an intersection of desire and opportunity---wherein the energy and flow of one person, within a physical context, synchronizes with circumstances and outward conditions to produce a situation or an effect. Another expression that has often been used to describe this is "a window of opportunity."

At the most basic level, the only "healing" that is ever needed is AWARENESS. We cannot emphasize this enough. The basic adage of "KNOW THYSELF" is foundational to all growth and attainment. Once a person has achieved that, the next most important lesson is "PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU." The final task is to MAKE A DECISION. Sometimes, to refuse to decide is to decide. Do you understand what we are saying? Be conscious rather than unconscious. This is a New Millenium! Make some mistakes now, won't you? It will be allright. Life is a risk. Be willing to play a bit.

At the appropriate time, we will come and work with you to formulate your own program of dealing with these issues. You simply need to ask, open, and then wait. DO NOT BE TIED TO A FORM for how all of this will look. Each life itinerary is different. Each manifestation of Reconnection is unique to the individual and to the situation. So let it be!

You, as a planet, are only beginning to grasp the enormity of your life potential. In your own way and in your own timing, you will finally discover that you are infinite. When you do, there will be the wondrous joy of RIDING THAT INFINITY, as well as forming it and shaping it in your bare hands. But for now, let those hands open to receive again what is yours---knowledge, ability, and the wisdom to integrate and use it to your advantage.

We salute you, and thank you for your kind attention. We are always here.

(End Transmission)

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