The Night Queen: A Love Letter    
 A Love Letter
picture26 Oct 2001 @ 14:03, by Kay Simmons

Let me see you often in my thoughts;
Let me hold you in my dreams;
Be far from me, that I may discover you near; Be away from me, so that I may find you within;

Be so close to me that I disappear.
Let me excite you to embrace love;
Let me inspire you to create legends.

A Love Letter ”

Have you noticed that the rapidly moving times that we find ourselves in contain some of the more challenging moments in life, not only for you but also for me? There are decisions and choices that bring with them the feelings of edges and endings. Many of us have felt the intensity in such great waves and are beginning to recognize that the voices shouting in the crowds and the streets are the same voices that we hear within. They tell us that there are no secrets, no mysteries, only veiled truths, and we can only begin to understand their sheerness when they cast their shadows in the Sun.

The time has come for me to cast my shadows in your Sun. Our meetings, our dreams, the separations and the departures, it all seems to be much clearer to me now as the endless play on the stage of life.

There are many warm and wonderful memories in which we have shared incredible times and spaces, and yet the sparkle of memories are not forgotten even as lifetimes and years come in-between. Once in a while, they become larger than life, and a bygone existence takes on today’s laughter and tears as if nothing has ever changed. But there are constant changes, transformations, translations, acceptances and even compromises that alter the very fabric of life that has evolved as we now know or understand it to be. And yet amidst all of this, there is one verity or truth that remains constant, and that is change itself, for nothing truly remains the same.

Often times the need to address the situations that we are in, along with the gnawing knowledge of our true potential, is like a coiled serpent inside, wishing to strike with reckless abandon any facet of life that does not meet Honor, Integrity or Love’s standards.

It is difficult to watch myself and to watch you as old patterns are embraced with their inevitable dead ends. I try to be cautious as to not let you bear the brunt of my personal frustrations.
But what is more personal than the bond that is cemented by aeons, tears of both bliss and sorrow, and a deep-seated love of the divine and all that it represents. I flourish under challenge and the depths of demand placed upon me, that is the sweetness from “The Kiss of Destiny” that embraces my soul, and yours.

You my friends have signaled a deep and very dear fragment of my awakening, a fire that has been carefully kindled in my Heart-space, an all pervading knowledge that has lingered long in my soul. A love that has gone beyond mere body and words, and because of truth has touched me at the very core of my being. Within our essence I felt both Woman and Goddess, the sacred keeper of Birthright and Manifestation. Within us I felt Man as, a virtual Knight of the Grail Quest at the Round table of Life itself, a noble guardian of Honor, Inspiration and Courage. Within the Children, our very precious heritage and legacies, I have felt their joyful awe-inspiring innocence filled with a forever trust, relaying an eternal confidence from the very source of life itself in our true destiny.

I have allowed myself, with your graciousness, to experience you and your dreams and there was an infinite quality that spoke highly of you. Yet within my other acres of being and knowing there was a sadness and sorrow that spoke also. It spoke of unmatched moments, of abandoned hopes, of broken hearts and dreams and unmatched beliefs and ideals. Oh, we have cried, and most often alone with our pain and anguish, but were our beings not enriched?

It so often feels as if we are always alone, alone with our evolution and growth, co-operating, co-existing, and collaborating, but always alone. Where is that Goddess Solitude, the one that banishes loneliness, and takes us to the place where Peace lives & the ‘Soul’s Dreams’ are born and flourish?

We have learned the language of many paths, and we have journeyed far, through many worlds and many wonders. We can live this time retracing those old paths or carving new ones. Is it not now the time to break new ground and space?

As I write this there is a stirring in my soul that wishes me to be silent, to alone enjoy the rapture of the veiled truth. But are we not the essence of the truth that wears only the sheerness of time and the nakedness of reality. We are the magical movements that can only be shared with those that are moved to Live in Love’s warm embrace & to allow Love to live and breathe in and through us. For we are the movement, that follows no worn out patterns.
We are the Winged Hearts that hear and respond to the eternal melody. We are the Pure Essence that is followed, and the Heart-Song that is found only in the silence.

We have wandered into that Pure Essence, and for a brief moment our souls have touched. The play must go on. We have stepped away, and we may step within reach again… but life does not wait, we are flowing with it or avoiding it. Wherever we choose, may we always know that we are always where we must be, and may we always be aware of our greatest becoming, even within the most insignificant events.

For we are indeed a special spirit, unique, rare and designed beings, whose potential has carved out a space in creation, with the promised success of the ancient echo of a Divine Heartbeat carried within the very depth of our soul.

Know that we will always find a way! Be a gentle guide to those that seek your strength, and be like the hungry child for the master that is born within even the simplest soul.

We have all come to many realizations; often it appears that they separate us from others. But great truths, once unveiled, only clear the path to oneness. We have not been where another has; their place is a world that they have designed alone. Where they have come to be is unique in their separate share of thoughts, actions, and circumstances.

Look well at intolerance, prejudice, apathy or rejection, for they may represent a part of you that you truly need to see. Be at one with the mirror of images that surround you, breathe with them, laugh with them and love with them. Until you share in each person’s own unique reality, you cannot hope to realize your own limitations and achieve your own true potential.

Sometimes we become so conditioned to looking at the universe in terms of little labeled pieces, we tend to act as though the universe were those little pieces. The matrix through which we perceive the universe has to be a direct function of that universe, if we distort the matrix we don’t change the universe, only our way of seeing it.

Fear, doubt, envy, desire, selfishness and worry limit us to the universe of illusion. And what is that universe but a projection of that fear, doubt, envy, desire, selfishness and worry.
Even in our grand attempts to enforce peace we require more and more of that thing to satisfy us. With peace it’s a terrible paradox, for we require the contrast of more and more violence as well. Peace really only comes to those who have the sense to perceive and embrace it.

Many religions require numerous dichotic relationships. They need believers, and they need unbelievers, They need both an insider and an outsider, they need those who know and love the mysteries, and those that only fear them. They need both a God and a devil, they need absolutes and they need relativity. They need that which is formless, that which is in the process of forming and that which is formed.

Since the beginning of time the learned saints, philosophers and scholars have been seeking the answer to the same basic questions, How, Where, When, and Why.

Perhaps the answer is simple? Life is eternal and man’s appearance upon the earth is but an episode in existence made up of as of yet unnumbered episodes. Kind of like a string of pearls strung together upon a string of endless consciousness. It is an endless unfolding, consciousness growing up through experience.
Man’s consciousness has evolved through types and species entirely forgotten, from worlds long since finished. We were the Nefelim, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, the Star born, the Egyptians, the Jews, the Greeks and the Romans and so many others to vast to number.

Our roots are in the infinite, and we are growing up through the finite, to merge once more into the infinite. All we have accomplished is stored up within ourselves. We truly are the creators of our own reality and are not victims, but truly volunteers for the total myriad of experiences that have come and will come our way. We are always becoming, for we are a part of the immortal elements of existence.

Through this endeavor to reach into and express our sacred and ancient heritage, we learn that we must transcend the illusion of our separateness and consciously accept our true inner connection and our “Oneness” with all of life.

When this is done the sentient god must find and create his own re-birth in a unique ordeal by which he discovers the one force that summoned him into existence.

Is it not now time to cast aside fear, and to be unafraid of the voices that shatter the wind with their whispers, to be unafraid of the silence in creations corners? For it will only speak to you of promises unbroken, and of secrets untold. It will tell us that we are truly blessed among the presence of creatures rare; and with them we will learn to become a lover of life and a giver of love.

Be unafraid of the many images that appear to be cast in stone, for within their shells are tender hearts, protected from the cruel and thoughtless, in sanctuary for the courageous and true seeker.

Be calmed in the knowledge that you are welcome, be kind to the wisdom of coming home… Another chapter is now being authored in the scheme of dreams, another volume of treasured thoughts that are discovered in the simplest of moments, always giving us all of the time that we need to be.

Now you are with us, now you are of us, and now you are us, now we are nothing less than perfection, for within perfection have we all wandered. And now we know life’s paths well. It is now time to accept our heritage… This is the Promised Land, here in our arms, there in our vision, somewhere in our dreams, everywhere in our souls.

Listen to the songs that the children know, they have learned them by heart, you will hear the echo of other worlds in their laughter. Oh, precious Laughter perhaps the most glorious song of all.
Listen to Loves eternal lullaby, and be unafraid of the sleep that finally embraces your doubts and fears…
Trust in the Mothers care, she will not leave you before you can walk on your own… Trust in the Fathers willful watch, he will not send you alone into the wild before you can gentle the giant within.

Be always aware of Why… Question the very certainty of existence to discover what is yet undiscovered & unanswered.

Who you are, is who you have willed yourself to be.
Where you are, is where you have come to be.
What you are doing, is what you have allowed to happen.
When you are doing it, is the time that you have waited for.

But Why ? …

If you ask yourself this for every decision,
And find an answer that truth honors.
Then Why will be your guide to understanding,
And you will be who you are willing to be.
And where you are, will be where you have become,
And what you are doing will be a deeply enriching event.
And when you are doing it, it will be in the eternal timeless…

Because Why is the answer;
For this you are,
For this you are becoming,
For this you are becoming the answer…

Grasp the fleeting beauty in life,
and free it in all that you do.
Be gentle with another’s path,
Respect their journey.
Return the breath you have borrowed…
For the earth vibrates with your footstep,
And the air truly surrounds you in song…

Make no one’s arms your paradise,
Make no one’s heart your slave.
Share your lover with the world,
And know that when you possess nothing,
You are the master of all.

Be unafraid of the God that you gaze at in the mirror,
You are a reflection of creations perfection.

What you do not have, you seek.
What you seek and find, you accept.
What you accept… you are.

Seek Life; Find Life; Accept Life; You are Life.
Seek Love; Find Love; Accept Love; You are Love.
Seek God; Find God; Accept God; You are God.

What you seek is supernatural;
What you find is within the natural,
What you accept is because it’s natural,
What you are is only natural.

Be unafraid of being perfect,
Give yourself no excuse to be anything else.

Come to the edge of new ideas, and be their quest
Bring an offering of love,
And you will always feel at home.

Believe in all thing,
befriend all aspects,
become no enemy of thoughts
build only bridges, not walls.

When you are strength…
You do not need strength.
When you are master of all…
You do not need to enslave.
When you realize your ‘Oneness’…
There is no separate, no more alone.
Decide on your Self in terms of Priceless and Selfless,
And know that You are all there is,
Because all there is, is You.
You are I.

Amidst this symphony called forth from the Heart of life, one is also summoned from within the very Lightning and Thunder of Light to discover the Passion, Rhythm, Melody and Essence of Freedom within True Love’s song.

This is perhaps the most enchanting of all tunes. Beckoning the lovely rose now comes the precious Sun, and gentility is the mark of his caress. I’ll sing my song because you showed me how to sing, and my gratitude, like my love, will never die. When you hear of Love listen for my voice as I listen for yours, please welcome each Child, amidst fears and tears hearts are torn, celebrate, a Christ is born.

The Butterflies of our Souls give much radiance and cause for celebration to this world. Be blessed on your odyssey. We will be in separate worlds now and then. Know that there is a foreverness in my love for you. Be at ease for we are blessed with wings in an open sky. When there is no time and, so many matters crowd into the arena of your life; you must tend to the priorities that you have chosen, and may all of your choices be at peace, and at home in your heart, your soul and your world.

I sincerely believe in you and your Hearts mission… Know that my spirit is at your service, we reach for similar stars. Also know that it is good to feel your honor in my hours of unrest. Thank you for sharing yourself with my life, it has been a pleasure, an honor, and an unbelievable strength. It will remain a joy beyond the sorrow of missing you, for within your memory, I live, gracefully embraced, and wonderfully loved. I will breathe a quite sigh and rest in your blessings, on the edges of your thoughts, in the midst of your dreams.
I will come to you carefully, lending a parable or two now or then, borrowing a handful of your precious ideas, and being a listener to your Hearts philosophies and priceless dreams.
I will be enjoying the child that keeps them shy, the warrior that defends their honor, the woman that is the essence of grace itself, and the man who is in love with their beauty and charm.

Then I will leave you alone to your quest, for you must be alone with your answers, to discover the unique beauty that you alone can perceive and receive in the magnificent solitude.

You know where to find me when time stands still, I will smile for you beyond the clouds and sing for you in whistling winds. Watch for me in the magic of the rising and setting of the sun, and I will whisper to you in summer winds and rains.

We have an untapped reservoir to which few have sought the key to pass within. I have given you that key, you demanded it long ago. Please don’t pass the entrance waving it with promises of future days. Everything I have is yours, take freely, for I must give. Within that reservoir is the soothing essence that like Noah’s flood will caress the limbs of a weary world with enough sunshine for a bright tomorrow. It will be painted with the pastels of Love, Compassion, Truth, Simplicity and Genuine Warmth. It can enrich the canvasses of infinite souls, and will paint the pictures of reality into the woven fabric of life’s potential.

Touch my love… in your warmth it will melt;
Take my love, in your cage it will die;
Be my love, in your honor it will live.

Be unafraid to be unattached…
I do not need you;
I do not want you;
I realize you.

Let me see you often in my thoughts;
Let me hold you in my dreams;
Be far from me, that I may discover you near; Be away from me, so that I may find you within;

Be so close to me that I disappear.
Let me excite you to embrace love;
Let me inspire you to create legends.

Let’s let them see the dance of the divine as it take’s place in each of our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. I am yours and that reservoir is you and I which is one.

Take me with you once in a while, when you are skipping stones, smiling at life, enjoying a flower, or moving mountains. When you are running away or coming home, when loving, or being loved, when laughing or crying; and I’ll be there.
Never in your way, but on your way.

In the echo chamber… the Love Song surrenders
In the arms of Peace… all fear sleeps
Into Love’s Pure Light I surrender my soul…

So it is now time for me to ask you to forgive and be gentle with me, as I am learning to be forgive and be gentle with myself, my soul and you.

Till now,

Much Love, Light, and Joy, to You and Yours.

Eternally your friend,

A Soul on a Journey

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