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 The end of TechTV?2 comments
7 May 2004 @ 19:08, by Jack Carlson

As reported by Leo Laporte in The Laporte Report and nearly every blogger on the internet, it would seem G4 has put a hundred or more California residents into the unemployment line. Great. Thanks, G4. Like it wasn't hard enough before this to find a decent job in this over-priced state.

I never saw a complete episode of Tech TV. I only get basic cable. As someone who already spends too much time at my computer, I don't need more than that. Expanded cable would be a waste, or major distraction, neither of which is good. However, I do, in a sense, work for Chris Pirillo Lockergnome forums, so I hear a lot of the gossip about the show anyway. Like out of 285 employees, only about 80 will be needed in L.A. However, and I have no inside knowledge regarding this, I found it interesting that Chris was brought back to the show a couple of weeks ago for a guest appearance...or was it an audition? Tech TV moves to L.A., Chris lives near L.A. Coincidence? You decide. Meanwhile, I may have better conversation in the unemployment line over the next few weeks. If you'd like to send your comments to G4: G4 Media, LLC 12312 West Olympic Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA 90064 Phone: (310) 979-5000 Fax: (310) 979-5100

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7 May 2004 @ 20:05 by martha : Welcome to NCN
We have a motley crew here with many different ways to look at any subject...hahaha
I've never seen Tech TV so I can't comment on it. Anyway good luck and enjoy NCN


7 May 2004 @ 22:30 by vaxen : yo gnomie!
yeah, i used to watch tech tv a few times a week till sat went belly'nt really niss it but it was nice once in awhile. you're probably right about L.A. a hearty welcome to NCN.  

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