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 What are we? or how are we?8 comments
category picture19 Aug 2005 @ 23:37
I was hiking through the forest the other day. Stomping and tripping all over the place trying to find the best way through the bush. No matter which way I was choosing to go, I was faced with a frustrating and treacherous path. (actually no path at all). All I was focused on was how nice it would be to get through this and be home.

I finally came through the other end of the woods and was home... I felt victorious. I had conquered the forest and came out the winner. But had I really won anything?

Today I made my way home again through the same mess. Due to the frustrations of the last hike, I was obligated to take my time and be patient and aware. As I slowed, sometimes halting for several minutes, nature would begin to open doors for me. The paths that seemed barred by trees and deadwood gave way much easier when I calmly asked them to allow passage instead of barraging through them like a lunatic.

I was uplifted higher on this walk compared to the one before. The animals and foilage were brilliantly interesting when I presently observed it all patiently. I realized that chaos in the form of my own thoughts were to blame for this misinterpretation of mother nature.

How I passed through nature was the factor of my admiration. Thus, Passing with patience and awareness, creating ease, caused the effect of admirable communication with nature (my surroundings). Alternately, passing with chaos, terribly frustrating.

I have often asked the questions; "Who am I?" or "What am I?" But now ask; "How am I?" ..."How" defined as "the cause" For "How I am now".  More >