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Monday, February 25, 2002day link 

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2002-02-25 13:51:46 -- Grief is a journey you do come through. . . . There are no short cuts through grief. You can't dictate. You simply face each task as you need to, be in control as you get through it, then break down afterwards. But you can't do much more than that.. . .All I would say to those dealing with the pain of loss and bereavement is please be kind to yourself. There will be times when your heart trips, sometimes involuntarily. Just let that happen, and accept. It does get better, become gentler, I promise you. -- Frances Shand Kidd (Mother of Diana, Princess of Wales)  More >

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2002-02-25 13:51:46 -- FROM TWO TO TWELVE STRAND DNA
By Pam Murray, Speaking From Wellspring  More >