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Saturday, February 16, 2002day link 

category pictureby sindy. Sindy's Heart
2002-02-16 11:43:32 -- THE streams of light  More >

category pictureby sindy. Personal Growth
2002-02-16 11:43:32 -- Some Personal Words
I meditated for many years, and, no matter what I did, could only get so close to the flame. Something was blocking me from making it to my inner core. There was a low temperature place inside me with tightly locked doors. In 1978 I started to practice karma yoga, and still do. My lifestyle and belief system is based on it; of course some days I do better than others. Eventually I discovered writing. I discovered I enjoyed putting words to paper.  More >

category pictureby sindy. Sexuality
2002-02-16 11:43:32 --

We all know that sex feels good but now we have evidence that it can make you live longer too! In a recent study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal it has been shown that men that have frequent sex are less likely to die at an early age. The authors studied nearly 1,000 men aged 45 - 59. The men were divided into three groups: those that had sex twice or more a week, an intermediate group and those that reported sex less than monthly. A decade later it was found that the death rate for the least active men was twice as high as the most active. The researchers adjusted for differences in age, social class, smoking, blood pressure and existing coronary disease  More >

category pictureby sindy. WORLD NEWS
2002-02-16 11:43:32 -- Scientists in the US say they have found evidence that children born to mothers taking some anti-HIV drugs have an increased frequency of genetic mutations.  More >

category pictureby sindy. Space
2002-02-16 11:43:32 -- Scientists have presented new ideas for the future exploration of planets that circle far-away stars.  More >

category pictureby sindy. Sindy's Funnies
2002-02-16 11:43:32 -- Here are some pictures I took out from the children carnival*  More >