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Thursday, October 18, 2001day link 

category pictureby sindy. Sexuality
2001-10-18 13:09:55 -- The Origins of Twin Flames  More >

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2001-10-18 13:09:55 --  More >

pictureby sindy. WORLD NEWS
2001-10-18 13:09:55 -- The prime suspect in the US terror attacks, Osama Bin Laden, has reportedly offered to answer a series of questions fielded by Western and Middle Eastern journalists.
A spokesman claiming to represent Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network made the offer to the US television station CNN and Qatar-based Arabic network al-Jazeera.  More >

pictureby sindy. Personal Growth
2001-10-18 13:09:55 -- Section 1: Paths
False Paths
Changing Worlds
Path Construction Kit
Flow  More >

pictureby sindy. Mystical News
2001-10-18 13:09:55 -- Around 90,000 years ago, modern humans appeared in the Near East. They weren't the first humans to make this journey, and as they moved north and west, they encountered earlier immigrants. In some places, the newcomers settled right next to their archaic cousins, living in close proximity for tens of thousands of years. Then suddenly, around 30,000 years ago, the older humans disappeared.  More >

category pictureby sindy. Computers
2001-10-18 13:09:55 -- A transparent, flexible magnetic material made from an exotic form of carbon could turn out to be the dream computer memory. The substance, which was discovered accidentally by a Russian physicist hunting for high-temperature superconductors, is the first non-metallic magnet to work at room temperature  More >