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Wednesday, October 17, 2001day link 

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2001-10-17 19:50:58 -- [link]  More >

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2001-10-17 19:50:58 -- Human wisdom in the sense of non-material wisdom has a similar construction; that is, it seeks to predict, to acquire greater understanding, or to produce some predicted result in the sphere of human interaction, such as a stabilized economy, an increased degree of excitement and motivation in a ball team, or a greater rate of productivity per man-hour in a corporate project. What wisdom does is succeed at predicting and at estimating the kind and degree of efforts involved in achieving a result.  More >

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2001-10-17 19:50:58 -- At the Midwest Institute of Sexology, we teach a variety of "sexercises" – ways to enjoy your body and improve its capacity for sexual pleasure  More >

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2001-10-17 19:50:58 -- Our Mission, Purpose and Directive  More >

category pictureby sindy. Personal Growth
2001-10-17 19:50:58 --  More >

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2001-10-17 19:50:58 -- Mystified and excited

After a fly-by of asteroid Mathilde in 1997, Near-Shoemaker became the first spaceprobe to orbit an asteroid.  More >