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 Heated Language^

picture2003-12-12 14:00:32 -- Hmm what really is spoken words?
How does words truly affect us?
Do we truly understand what people express to us?

Understanding words, we got to do something called "read between the lines", doing this takes great practice, it should be done all during the time of our childhood years, until our adult years, its a practice where we must train ourself of what we know in our hearts, and not what is given nor thought in the illusion around us, we must remember our soul, be in this frame all through our life *keep the childlike*...

we speak words when we want to be listened to, and that's all it is really about in this world..............


Like f.u.c.k , s.i.n, b.i.t.c.h

These words comes to our mind all the time, sometimes it grows and slips right out our lips and it surely brings on tempo, why? because all we want is simple attention(LISTEN).

As a kid we say, "they don't love me"
An adult will say "fuck you" you stupid bitch
And if you are righteous you say "that's a sinner"


now that might sound very sad, bad or harsh
but really if we truly look at this in a positive manner and LISTEN deep we can understand what people are saying to us
for instance

F.U.C.K= F*or Y*ou to C*ome K*indly- meaning also correct, smile, pleasant etc.

now if we truly listen to the person heart we sure could understand that they want our undivided ATTENTION.

B.I.T.C.H= B*eholding (I*n)carnation T*hrough C*haos and H*avoc-meaning the femine energy-or the goddess energy

this word is often used when speaking to women, sometimes I woman get upset but when looking at it deeper I then understand its deeper meaning, it sure gets sindy attention hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, STILL DON'T CALL ME THAT I MAY ATTACK hehehe

S.I.N= S*oul I*n N*eutral- the soul is neither here nor there

So the soul must then be balance so that its energy may flow in harmory

Words yes words, we must again and again seek its deeper meaning, we must always seek deeper in the heart.. for the heart lanaguge is one but by the time it gets to the 3d realm it shrinks into small drops, its like saying the light slows down*

SIN - This word is an very ancient word that came into existence via mankind religious belief

BITCH - This word was created from the feminine principle in the worship of ancient time as bitch is a "she dog" (Sirius dog star) the principle of god was Male Dog-a flipside (d.o.g/g.o.d) HENCE we have (dogma)male/female.

FUCK - This word was recently created by humans as another way to express oneself.

Everything in life has a deeper meaning, just as our words woven to complex and shift meanings, its the same for everything in and around us ..... for everything is in the flow of energy, and this energy does not sit around, it is constant movement- THE SHIFT*


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