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 Shapeshifter and Healer

2003-11-02 11:31:37 -- Aset has a full plate. She is a shapeshifter, in a literal sense of the word. Several myths detail her changing shape at whim or whimsey as the case may be. She serves this function in a metaphorical sense as well. First and foremost as discussed earlier, she is the Queen Mother. Her name means throne, and as a throne is the seat of power and serves as a symbol of the powers of the divine king, so Aset herself symbolizes the foundation of that power.

Aset has the power and ability to change shape at will. During the Contendings of Heru and Set she does so frequently, at one point fooling Set himself into speaking words that betray what he knows to be true.

She can change her shape...she can adapt to situations and survive them. If there is a situation which is out of the order it should be in, it is Aset who steps in and rectifies it.

It is interesting to note that the shapeshifter is the one who survived the Egyptian empire, the Roman empire, Catholcism, and is still worshipped to this day.

Aset is closely associated with Serqet, also known as Selket, the scorpion goddess. Serqet is a protector and a healer, and a purifyer. "She Who Causes the Throat to Breathe" is her title. It is interesting to note that in the case of Ra, the first example of magic we see Aset perform is creating something poisonous and then eliminating the poison.


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