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 Hyde and hair

2003-10-24 10:47:47 -- By 1909, Edward Hyde was in total possession of the shared body; Henry Jekyll had been reduced to a voice inside Hyde's head. They were living in New York, how they had arrived there or the reasons they went there are as of yet unknown. Allowed to rage freely, Edward Hyde committed murder and in doing so ran afoul of the visiting Jean C. Tarzan who was also known as Tarzan of the Apes.
Tarzan and a mangani he rescued from the zoo tracked Hyde. In an epic battle with the mangani, Hyde was defeated. Severely injured, he went into Hyding, allowing Jekyll's consciousness and form to take the consequences of their actions.
The Mangani tossed Jekyll off the bridge and into the river. He was presumed dead. His theiromorphic body was however quite resilient and Jekyll found himself washed ashore, bruised but otherwise uninjured.
A point should be clarified about Jekyll and Hyde's invulnerability. Like most theiromorphs, he did indeed have rapid tissue regeneration, aged slowly and was extremely hard to kill. There are however often depictions of Hyde or Jekyll being injured and having the injury show up when transformed into the other form. This was not a failure of the theiromorph's tissue regeneration traits but rather an example of just how much unconscious control over his shape changing abilities Jekyll possessed. He retained certain injuries and even carried them over from one form to the next; a good example is his wounded ear in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Jekyll retained this wound and in both forms because he subconsciously wished to perhaps out of guilt and so overrode the healing process. There were also depictions of Jekyll in Hyde form and while in a rage being shot at yet the bullets seemed to have very little injuring effect on him.
Jekyll quickly decided to leave America and found a hidden stash of Hyde's. He used the money to buy clothing and a passage out of the country. He traveled to South America and thence to Australia. He picked Australia as his final destination because it was sparsely populated and he believed what population existed there were mostly convicts. As such they would be less likely to scrutinize or ask questions and should Hyde burst forth, then the only people injured would be criminals.

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