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2003-10-17 06:06:52 -- who is the most perfect of them all?

Everyone is Perfect~

Through out my life, in all that i do and the many different fields that i have been known to achieve, learning about humans is what i seem to find in all these positions of my journey, Being a counsellor i find its the best suited job in all the other type of jobs out there where you surely meet with the mirror me image of SELF*

Through the eyes of people i have learned much, i gain experiences by those that walk that path of hurts, pains, sorrows, there truly arn't this magic of peace, but i have seen it can only be created by the individual alone.. they must seek this peace around/in them, hence why the world has so much pain, we choose this pain... how you live your life really tells its story, what i have seen is that we must always look at people and everything AS PART OF US, and there is truly no difference in any other being,we all are capable of what we see in another human behaviour, thoughts and attitude. I have seen a trend that invokes our ablity to strive as a spiritual being, that is we believe in WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT US AND HOW PEOPLE TREAT US* (the JUDGEMENT) this we must learn to break free, cast ourself from what others say and think about us, as an individual we must first learn to be aware of who we truly are, second we must believe in our own ablities how little they might be, for no one is greater or lesser than us, third we must seek our own admiration in what we so wish to achieve for OURSELF and forth WE MUST HAVE COURAGE to deal with what comes to us

My motto has always been I FEAR no one BUT LOVE ALL, and love is not only to say i will hug you but it also say i can correct you when you are wrong*

I have no fear of humans for they are of me, part of me and all think the same when it comes to humankind*

none of us are ANY DIFFERENT*

so now what else to learn, well someday my hopes and dreams is just to sink myself in snow and just feel the chill hehehe

thats all from sindy*

# # #

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