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 About the Mystery of Man

picture2003-08-31 08:12:32 -- Before discussing the Mystery of Man, let us examine what is called the "unmanifest Center of Pure Being" that influences and governs the soul entity behind each individual soul. We must also address the essence of man, the energy incarnating life in us. From where does this invisible and mysterious substance come that gives us our unique individuality, our creative powers, and our courageous impulses? From where does consciousness come? Is that not also part of the Mystery of Man?

Consciousness enhances and expands throughout our life. No two of us are the same; each of us experiences life differently, since experiences are the result of the various conditions and unique circumstances created just for us. Why are brothers and sisters unique even though they have received the same education? Is it solely based on intelligence, ambition and will alone? Or is there some other reason? And if so, what?

One indication is that this mysterious element that makes us unique is closely linked to consciousness. Consciousness in itself remains a mystery, and no two of us are conscious of the world and of ourselves in exactly the same way. Therefore, consciousness affects the thoughts and emotions of each us, transforming in us how we experience and understand our world. Depending on our level of consciousness, it will unfold in us the experiences necessary to help us understand ourselves and give meaning to what goes on in our lives. However, these inner processes do not modify or affect the mystery of consciousness itself, nor our unmanifested soul entity.

To prove the presence of the soul entity, we must look at "being-ness," and turn our attention to within ourselves, with a purified mind and heart, since consciousness affects and is, in turn, affected by, our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, consciousness could be compared to a mirror that reflects and manifests everything that is projected on to it. Consequently, to probe the mystery of man, we must go beyond the reflected and projected outer realities on the surface of this mirror and, instead, let intuition—the intelligence of the heart of the soul entity—guide us to the center core of consciousness, the presence of the unmanifest Center of Pure Being, and the center of our unmanifest soul entity.

In general, man remains unconscious and captive of his own reactions. Why? Simply because most of us are unaware of the different levels of consciousness lying dormant within us. So, what can we do to increase our awareness? First and foremost, we must learn to observe our own thoughts and emotions, so as to understand why we behave and react the way we do. This kind of inner work and self-analysis unfolds and develops our spiritual intelligence, or intuition. Hence, we come to "know" ourselves; indeed, through these subtle operations and transformations, we gradually awaken in ourselves refined psychic and spiritual faculties—our inner senses and "tools" opening for us the inner gates of consciousness where pure knowledge and wisdom reside.

The goal is to reach our own mystery—the core and heart center of our own Being—and to unite with the presence of the unmanifest light within. This means that we must go beyond the "mirror" of reflections of consciousness, to a place where our ordinary level of consciousness is transmuted and transformed into the light of the soul itself. This is where the subtle impulses concerning the mystery of man are revealed and known.

The mystery of man cannot be understood or explained; it can only be lived in a fully awakened consciousness in the present moment; in other words, when our self-consciousness is fully awaken and living in the now! This means that we have successfully united our self-conscious state with soul consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness in ordinary, everyday circumstances that transforms how we experience life. Through the effects of Cosmic Consciousness, the permanent seed of our soul awakens and unfolds its spiritual qualities. Together, they both energize in us the presence of our soul entity; they make known and clarify for us our inner archetypal models, our blueprints, the parts in us that can never be manifested independently, since they are Divine ideas and ideals that we must learn to integrate and manifest within ourselves here on our ordinary level of consciousness.

What are these spiritual qualities, and where do they come from? We could use the symbol of the seed as the center from which these qualities emerge. However, the power and intelligence behind the seed are the presence of the unmanifest soul entity. The soul entity projects the light and love of "being-ness" in our symbolic seed from where unfolds a mysterious spiritual process of awakening under the guidance of our soul entity.

Let us examine the abstract process that unfolds Cosmic Consciousness in us. The soul entity activates within our seed or blueprint, two complementary, co-existing energies, one active, positive, and masculine, and the other passive, nurturing, and feminine —our two inner witnesses. These components of our soul entity are complementary to each other and together form the seed. We must awaken these two sacred witnesses in ourselves, and incarnate their respective qualities in our individual consciousness so as to harmonize and "marry" them in our own mind and heart. This is indeed the only way for us to reach enlightenment and finally be re-united with our soul entity. Various traditions term these two aspects of the soul entity "soul" and "spirit."

While these two elements of our soul entity are asexual, they behave in relation to each other as two complements that can differentiate themselves like the Father-Mother archetypes from which they come, and they do that without abandoning their unity. Spiritual psychology has shown that we must come to know our inner nature—our feminine and masculine aspects within us—so as to harmonize them and become whole again.

We could say that consciousness, in its purest and simplest form has to disconnect and disassociate itself from all transitory preoccupation, mundane teachings, and indoctrination, opening itself to higher and deeper levels. These states could be best described as peaceful, silent levels of consciousness, unveiling and revealing what lies hidden behind the center of the soul entity. In other words, reaching this level of consciousness means that we no longer have reflections on the mirror of our consciousness or shadows in our consciousness, but instead a fully awakened consciousness, filled with the bright light of the pure consciousness of the soul entity.

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