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 the chain of life

2003-08-02 10:28:12 -- what goes around comes right back around.. again and again

Am presently dealing with a serious case
one of the few that you will be challenge to face ever so often
As its in my mind, I can feel it flow in my heart as i too has the human aspect of self, so this i shall be concern of

This case has 3 aspect, crossing toward a karmic flow
within 3 people lives are affected by this chain

ONE: a child being mentally ill via his mother's astrade heart

TWO: A man whom past catches up with him

THREE: a girl that is in the middle of this confussion, as an angel in disguised, which is getting the beating for the healing

AND POOR ME who bears witness to see it all

This case has made me think that there is no escape to life unchanged movement, we can only think to a lesser degree how such things do happen
all the why?/ifs/buts... and if only we were to truly listen to our hearts that all the answers to all our problems lies right in our heart chamber, When mankind feels there is no place to turn too, where he feels there is no love and when he feels as though nothing worth living for.. if only he can just take the tiny moment to look into his heart and find that everything that he ever needs/comfort lies just in thy beating of his me-mory/h-ear-t*...

And in this case all can be done is to let it flow and allow the healing to take its course and all who have been choosen to help that we have the courage of seeing eyes to behold how the chain of life really works.. and learn from the scars that it leaves behind~

sindy moment in life

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