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2003-06-07 12:13:51 -- i can feel each heart that flies from the
moment each one enters in this challenging NCN REALM*
the magic that it posses for all souls that venture...
Yes its my birthday 33 earth years- 6 lightyrs*, the time where I choose to take yet another 3d form
But am of the secret flame a flame where i feel safe where i can be me the I that myself behold
but again all things rise or risen in due time
and it was time for a special lighter to bring it out thanks dearest imagine
and another here that is close a true warrior of light jazzie
Its time for me to give a bit more
And i feel the time is here and now
but this gift i have to give is for NCN
a small word with a divine huge message where we are in/create new beginning
and its a place where i was able to express and open my very own master door
I have taken on the task for long and with Flemming being "who he is" has given me and
all that pass this realm a place where truly ALL SOULS CAN BE FREE
this is truely total FREEDOM, for in here you SEE, HEAR, FEEL, LEARN-RE-LEARN THE MIRROR ME/I/MYSELF
in each being that pass for all have a piece ...... the source... and its up to us to take each aspect and work with it
NCN is what i call MY TRUE BIRTHDAY GIFT.. and it will always BE MY SECRET GARDEN

All that you see through inspiration is me its how i live my life, by the moment and in everyone and everything i see each changing moment that will take me to another beautiful flight*

# # #

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