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The original photo was taken by Cliff Wassmann, a professional photographer from Dana Point, CA. When he traveled back to New York in April to photograph the twin beams of light that had been illuminated for the six month anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, he wasn’t expecting to create an image that was any different than those done by thousands of other photographers who sought to preserve the event. But on the final night the lights were illuminated – and the only night they stayed lit all night – a light rain began falling and by 1:00 am under the Brooklyn Bridge, Wassmann found himself the only photographer. Using a Mamiya medium format camera, the clouds and rain helped form a stunning image of the memorial lights that caught the attention of PSG.


she who does puzzles

This is believed to be the home where the Virgin Mary lived out her final years...
It is located in the ancient Roman city of Ephesus..


This is part of the great castle built by the powerful secret society of the Knights Templar on the island of Rhodes... One of their many strongholds.


This is Mad Ludwig's famous castle.
Does it look familiar?

That is because Walt Disney patterned his Cinderella Castle after this one. Can you see how much it looks like the Magic Kingdom?



The Loveland Frog has been seen by numerous people in the area around Loveland, Ohio. The witnesses include Police officers who observed the creatures on the side of the road. The officers watched as the giant frog like creature jump down an embankment and out of sight. The descriptions of the creature all seem to match. The man-like creature is 3 to 5 feet tall. It walks upright like a human and has webbed hands and feet. The head is that of a large frog or lizard. It's skin appears to be leathery

In 600 B.C., an artist carved 3 animals in the archway of the Ishtar Gate in Babylon. The three animals were a lion, an wild ox and the sirrush. Why was this supposedly mythical creature pictured with two known animals? Was it because it wasn't a myth? The sirrush was described as slender bodied, scale covered creature with a horn atop it's head. Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylonia at the time and The Bible mentions that his priests kept a great dragon or serpent that they worshipped. The creature closely resembles a type of dinosaur, a sauropod. Since the Babylonians did not have the ability to reconstruct fossil remains it is more likely they were drawing a living animal that they has seen. The drawings and carvings of the sirrush were always the same and never varies which normally indicates they were based on a real creature.

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