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 Steps to Creativity

2002-08-17 11:29:58 --


1. Look around and open your mind. Examine everything and consider everything a source of ideas. Be imaginative and avoid mental blocks.

2. Divide your idea into pieces if it will help you. Define what you are really trying to do.

3. Ask questions. What are the basic points? What do you know about the problem? What observations have you made? What do your senses tell you about the problem? Ask these questions again and record all your thoughts.

4. Let fantasy guide you and don't judge ideas. Keep pushing yourself to find more ideas. A large quantity of ideas is your goal. Record ALL ideas- both insane and rational. Look for similar relationships in other fields. Look at the problem from another point of view.

5. List criteria in judging ideas. Which ideas best fit? Which are the most original and creative? Which are the most practical? Which ideas have greatest potential?

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