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 the beauty in others

2002-07-19 12:37:34 -- I have seen when you give you shall recieve
for all hearts has light and love.. and we can fine magic
in just a tiny drop of thought that someone outhere can show you,,, just how much a bit of love is in its simple form.. can do so much for even the down and out.. to me life is simply loving each other.. especially to those who we "think"
never have. life is challenge and we all can help each other in even a few words of comfort..



You make my days worthwhile
You light the sky with stars
You heal my wounds hoverver caused
Because that who you are

You have my very interest near
Youy overcrowded heart
But then again, you knew that
Even from the start

You make my life so wonderful
It's hard to find the words
But given time, a way will come
For easing all my fears

I know you work not for reward
But for the pleasure of giving
So all I say to Sindywise
It's good to know I'm living
In then same world as you

(c) Stuart Hellen 07/02

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