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  The 'Elohim' phenomenon

2002-07-13 16:18:11 --
Note that 'Elohim' has five letters whose values as numerals ( their 'characteristic values' or CVs) are 1, 30, 5, 10 and 40, respectively.

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Observe that the paired letters on each of the 8 numbered radial spokes (coloured blue) are related either by identity or by reflection of trinary positions within the alphabet. A few brief words of explanation should suffice:

on spoke 5, elements 2 and 3 hold alphabet positions 011 and 110
on spoke 7, the outermost and innermost are seen to be 102 and 201
on spoke 8, the pair are represented by 210 and 012
the link between the first and last letters of Genesis 1:1 (shown in red) completes the picture
It is fairly claimed that "These patterns (AABA and spiral) are so strong that if any letter had been miscopied, added or omitted, it could be uniquely replaced by reference to the patterns of the other letters alone."

It is both interesting and, in this context, highly significant that the factors of the verse total, viz 37 and 73, may also be expressed as symmetrical hexagrams! These relationships are expressed in the right-hand diagram where the innermost figure (shaded green), comprising 37 counters, rests on another (shaded orange) of 73 counters - these forming the heart of the large hexagram of 121.

Thus, just as 121-as-square plays host to a symmetrical view of the Hebrew letters of the text of Genesis 1:1, so 121-as-hexagram houses a symmetrical presentation of the factors of their sum!


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