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 44:44 Stargate

2002-06-27 11:09:31 --


'Khem-Ra the Blood Sun'

As the etheric level of the Planet Earth is raised due to a rapidly increasing shift in Human Consciousness, so the World is moving through various levels of a profound 'Reality or Paradigm Shifts!'
While these are essential to expedite the full transition, nothing will be so dramatically felt as the Earth's passage into the LP-40 Conversion Zone. The process of the Enochian/Metatronic Light codes which will be integrated into this (Earth) system as this process evolves through The 44:44 STARGATE
There will be certain astronomical and astrological corollaries to the Earth's entrance into this region or sector of space time overlap, beginning with our movement spatially into the innermost zone or APEX of the Photon Belt at the time, June 21st, 2002 HOLY CROSS also known as the SOLAR CROSS alignment of
Stargate 44:44

The Rainbow Diamond Light Body

As this begins to occur, we will see greater geologic disturbances in the Earth's crust just as the HOPI's prophezied in what they forsaw as the EARTH CHANGES, especially earthquakes and volcanic action. Once the planet is fully within the LP-40 Conversion Zone it's Central Sun Atoma in the very center of the Earth, also known as the 'Holy of Holies,' will lock onto the greater coordinates emanating from the 44:44 Stargate Portal, placing this planetary sphere we currently inhabit into the center of the geomagnetic NULL Zone. We will be moving into a new sector of space eventually taking us through the Belt of Orion and homeward bound toward the Pleiades! The Ancient Lemurian 'Mother Tongue' Chant the KUMOLIPO is the sound vibration mythos of this very time and evolutionary galactic event! As the atmosphere of Earth receives more Ultra-matter through the blue hole, the Central Sun Atoma at the center of the Earth will begin to respond by increasing its sounding. Please note our current Sun is not solid moulten mass but a hollow orb with its own Centeral Sun! This sound or humming like a hive of bees will already have been in progress intermittently for many years, but at this point in the Planetary Ascension process, it will fully come alive. Humans and animals will hear this sound, not with their ears, but in the center of the brain. Whereas before the sound had been annoying and indefinite in where it was located in the body, now it will become very focused in the brain and will create a sense of euphoria in all animals and most persons on the planet. Some humans, who are drastically out of touch with their spiritual bodies (i.e. Higher Light forms) will become confused, frightened, sick and finally, paralyzed. However, most humans will not experience such trauma. Some will simply move into a blissful tranced state of being based on their level of inner preparation..

Galactic Commander Lord Sananda
and the Solar Cross Team

A grouping of Earth Souls THE SOLAR CROSS TEAM who are on the Vangard of this new splendid reality will have already passed through the 44:44 Stargate ahead of the 144,000 PLUS and will be waiting on the other side of the VEIL until 2012 to receive the rest. This Vanguard Ascended Master Group will have been holding the Matrix of the Metatronic Light for this level of Redemptive Delivery. These dedicated Souls who are recovering the Planetary Light Body for the ALL move through the dense magnetic pools and into the Holy of Holies within the Central Sun Atoma of the New Earth Star first. The synergy involved for the retrieval and re-insertion of the Planetary Light Body is one that is orchestrated through a cohesive network of Lord Sananda and the High Command of the Solar Cross. These Elder Souls on the Vangard who pass through into the interior of the Earth first however, will proceed back out through, as they will then have the Planetary Light Body within them and be able to abide in its powerful envelope of Golden Light while assisting the 144,000 through the final doorway of the (6/21/2002 until the fall of 2012)

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