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picture2001-10-18 03:25:27 -- I walk into a vast room that is completely filled with beautiful crystals. Only the High Priest and I are present. I am wearing a fine transparent dress which is made of one piece of material but fastened on my left shoulder with a quartz crystal set in a round metal frame. My feelings are one of pure devotion.

The High Priest stands over to my right some distance from me. He does not move at all or even look at me. I walk further into that beautiful crystal room which is so full of light; it is LIGHT.

Walking forward and always keeping to the centre width of the room I walk up a few steps and at the top of these steps I unfasten my dress and walk forward unclothed, my arms crossed over my chest (right always over left).

In front of me are two huge pylons of clear quartz crystal; their top ends in a pyramid. They emit what appears to be 'streaks' of electricity.

Walking forward, between the two pylons, I face a large pyramid of crystal light. I walk straight into this pyramid, standing in its centre; my body stands in the position of the ankh.

I lay down straight out on my back but levitated a little from the floor. Gently up and up, my body is taken until it is levitating just beneath the apex of the pyramid. My body is left in that position whilst my soul is carried higher and higher until I find myself in the presence of our GOD.

All is timeless and the love I surrounding me is absolutely indescribable!

When my soul is returned to my physical body I am lowered back down very slowly and gently. When I my body is on the ground I stand up, my arms again crossing over my chest and I walk away from the pyramid, back through the pylons and up to the top of the steps.

I fasten on my dress and walk down the steps and over to the High Priest. He kisses the centre of my forehead and gives me a small clear crystal pyramid. I walk from the room.

I later see myself wearing the crystal pyramid on the centre of my forehead, held in place by a band on either side of my head."

..........Thus spoke Morati, a priestess from ancient Atlantis who lived in the period immediately before the great continent of Atlantis was destroyed.

Morati was married to Malacti, who was one of the senior priests in Atlantis. Morati was also the only daughter of Nermenatis, the High Priest. Nermenatis was very pleased when, at the age of fourteen, Morati came to him with the request that she be allowed to become a trainee priestess (neophyte).

Malacti was chosen to be her teacher and guide. She became one of his twelve students; six male and six female. Each tutor priest would only be allowed a maximum of twelve students at any one time.

Morati' means devotion and that was how she saw her life - devoting her life and existence for the benefit of all those around her who needed her guidance, healing and counselling.

A little while after becoming a trainee priestess it was decided that Morati should receive extra knowledge and tuition and thus she became a personal pupil of Malacti. Teachings were now given to her on a one-to-one basis.

Let Morati continue her story:

"I see myself dressed in white but this time I have over my dress/robe a simple white cape which reaches to about my elbows. Its clasp is a rather large round set stone in a design. It sits about four inches below my throat.

My teacher, Malacti, is instructing the students. I am one of them. We are all in a room which is not that large but is open, light and very peaceful. Standing, we observe what our teacher is doing.

A very thin man is laying on a white couch; he is there to receive healing. All at once the room is bathed in pulsating red light. I have the feeling that it is similar to a doctor doing his rounds in hospital - with students following him to observe and learn.

Malacti is wearing a quartz crystal about hip high which is pear shaped. The colour violet 'vibrates' from it.

Malacti and two other priests are seeing to a patient. He is lying on his back on a white couch. Malacti is standing to one side of him, the other two priests are standing opposite him on the other side of the couch. The three priests are all dressed in white, long sleeved, close fitting tunics (and trousers too). I am standing behind, watching. No one speaks......

I think that the patient has a growth on his left side, just beneath his rib cage. As I think this, Malacti tells me to come over and stand by his left side. I do so.

Malacti tells me that he is going to remove the growth by crystal laser surgery. There are some crystal lasers by his side. Malacti reaches up with his right hand and brings forward a long, thin, silver-coloured metal-like arm, with a crystal laser encased within it. This metal arm moves and stretches easily to reach whichever part of the body is being treated.

Malacti directs the crystal laser towards the growth for a few seconds only and then returns the crystal laser machine from where it had previously been. The patient is then taken back to his hospital room.

I am walking on my own along a lengthy corridor; it is built of beige-coloured stone, I feel as if I am below ground-level and I know that one of the walls has water behind it. I arrive at some stairs which rise up to a corner. I walk up these stairs and enter a very large hall. The roof of this hall is in the shape of a dome - it reminds me of a head - and the hall is full of water.

I walk to the side of the water and sit on a stone bench. Sitting there, so peacefully, with my thoughts and feelings so euphoric, the sense of dolphins fills my whole being.

The thought then enters my mind to lay down on my back. This I do and immediately I feel the presence of my teacher, Malacti. I can hear, see and feel him within my very being!

I can also see the water within the hall and I feel myself sink down into it and can feel it flooding all through me, yet holding me. Malacti says, 'Go deeper and deeper, Morati, let the depths engulf you".

I feel all this with my whole being, expanding into it, to be part of it, at one with it; of it. I see dolphins and they see me. We look within each other, the beauty of them. What they are fills me with such tender loving care and joy. I see them in the oceans and join them there. My mind can also see right through the depths of the oceans and connects with all life everywhere.

I follow Malacti's thoughts - he takes me to see the reflections of the water on the surface in the hall, how it reflects on the walls and the dome. I feel these reflections flowing into me and I into them.

Then they change, coming out at me from a dark centre, like swirling cyclic forms. I am now out in the darkness and stillness of all space but in that dark stillness I am conscious of my mind for I am all in my mind; it's focused through my forehead and this power is taking me in my mind through space, it is so effortless, yet so very powerful, stretching and reaching out and yet so very beautiful.

Malacti tells me, "Use your brain waves as a transmitter and receiver, to reach to the furthest planet - go beyond the barrier of your mind, Morati".

A sense of incredible wonder, peace and tranquillity envelops my soul and I am so very happy.

Gradually I feel myself returning to my physical body. I stand up and walk out of the hall, walk down the steps and go back down the corridor from whence I had come.

I see a picture of the inner circle of the Nazi party that had been in Germany. They wanted the knowledge of what had been understood and achieved in Atlantis. The nazis wanted to be able to control the forces and the power which could be used by them for their own evil and corrupt purposes.

I was shown this vision so that I could better understand what could - and would - happen if this special knowledge and power were to fall into the wrong hands!

Malacti and I are sitting on a stone bench in front of a machine (it's not that large) which looks very similar to one they have in your Eye hospitals; where you look through the machine so that the doctor can check on the healthy condition of your eyes.

Malacti tells me to look into this machine. I do so and see a brilliant white light. When I take my eyes away from the machine Malacti asks me what it was that I saw.

I tell him, "white light".

He then shows me, without the machine, what I was looking at. The letter G. Malacti points his finger at the centre of the g's circle. He says, "Look, stare, into its centre, within its circle is the white light, wherein is held the truth. The lines which surround the centre of the white light of truth are but the outer edge. Don't become caught up in trying to read these lines. Always remember to look through and pass the outer lines to see within the Centres within which are held the brilliant white light of Truth.

Walking into the Temple of Healing, the High Priest greets me. He then gives me these words:-



He tells me to speak these words and to practise them. They are the beginning. Their meaning is:-

Everything Sacred is Blessed,

Everything Blessed is Sacred.

I then leave the Temple of Healing and make my way back to Malacti as it is time for his hospital rounds. Before we start on these, Malacti tells me that tonight I must meet him at one of the Temples at nightfall.

I t is night. Everything is bathed in moonlight. I am walking, making my way to where Malacti said that I was to meet him. As I walk I notice the moon is full. It hangs over the water, leaving a path of silver, shimmering up to it.

I walk into a small room, there are no lights. Just moonlight. I undress and walk down a few steps into a pool of beautiful scented water. I lay in this water for a few minutes, then get up and walk up a few steps on the other side of the pool. I dry myself. There is a garment there for me to wear. It's a fine transparent shift/dress, all shot through with silver; it shimmers in the moonlight. I put it on. As I walk out of the room I can see an opening (as a window) where a clear crystal sphere balances on a silver stand. The moonlight pours in on it.

I enter into a hall of rock and immediately feel the presence of Malacti. There is no lighting but the hall is full of moonlight. The roof is open to the sky, with the moon directly above it.

I n the centre, directly underneath this open roof, lies a lovely clear quartz crystal, rectangular in shape. It is placed lengthways, facing a large clear quartz crystal sphere. As this crystal sphere is further back, it is more within the darkness but its light shines up out of that darkness.

I walk up to the crystal rectangle and lie upon it on my back, with the crystal sphere behind my head. I see and feel myself on the water in a canoe-shaped boat. I am on that path of silver and flowing up to the full moon. As I get nearer and nearer the silverness becomes more and more intense until the boat is taken into it and I am standing upright facing the moon and flowing into it with my arms outstretched in the position of the ankh.

Entering the moon I am held within in total silence, I see and am aware of her cycles. Being gathered into her vibrations I feel my whole being at one with these pulsations. I am being drawn out and drawn in on these vibrations as a current.

Then all at once I am completely indrawn into the moon as an inbreath and then on an outbreath, every atom of me is exploded into - and with - the silver. I feel my eyes have turned to silver and my sight has become full of silver radiance.

Within my whole being I now become aware of being bathed in all the sun's rays and how the moon reflects his glory! Feeling this exquisite beauty I gently come back on the moon's rays and into my body.

I know that Malacti is standing next to me. I feel him direct my attention to the large crystal sphere. I rise from the crystal rectangle and walk up to the crystal sphere, standing before it and looking straight ahead into it.

I observe the crystal sphere as the moon. I see myself, and Malacti, standing very close behind me with his hands resting gently on my two shoulders. Malacti is seeing, feeling and knowing what I am seeing and feeling. As we stand there together, the awareness of the sun and moon fills my whole body and I can sense the polarity doing its work.

Malacti takes my hand and we walk from there together.

I am in a dark room, laying down on my back. Rounded forms of violet and green pulsate out of the darkness. I see and feel these within me. I feel myself coming out of my body, rising up in stages as a half circle, each a little jump from a crouch until I am standing upright in the darkness of all space and time.

I do not move. I hear the voice of Malacti, my teacher, saying, "Move. Morati".

I am totally aware of this darkness of space; all is held within. Again, Malacti tells me, "Move, Morati, travel from within". I am reassured by his very gentle voice.

Something 'clicks' inside the base of my skull, which sets off a forward and backward movement in that area - I am completely in that movement - it stops - I travel forwards, backwards, up, down, every way. Malacti then says to me, "You see, Morati. the interdimensions of space and what is called time are all within your comprehension and understanding. Think laterally and you will understand everything."

I feel myself coming back into my body and once again adjust to being in the darkened room.

I hear the voice of Malacti telling me that we are going into an adjoining room to see some crystals. I get up and we walk in there together. Malacti tells me to choose a crystal. I do this and stand looking at it for a few moments whilst holding it in both hands. The crystal I have chosen is about nine inches long and about thirteen inches wide. Malacti says, "now bring the quartz crystal back with you into the darkened room."

I return to the dark room and lay down once again on my back and place the crystal at my left side, my left hand on top of it.

Malacti says, "What colour is your crystal?"

The colour blue 'vibrates' within my mind's eye. I can see and feel it vibrating inside me.

Malacti then places a small transparent crystal which is in the form of a pyramid onto the centre of my forehead.

I am immediately projected out into the darkness of space. Into this darkness, in lines of light, a square is formed, as fast as lightning!

Four times four the square is formed. Four times into one. I am now in the centre of the square on its surface.

Fire enters the square. I ask, "Who lives within?" A living form comes out of the fire, saying, "I live within," I enter the fire.

Water enters the square. I ask, "Who lives within?" A living form comes out of the water, saying, "I live within," I enter the water.

Air enters the square. I ask, "Who lives within?" A living form comes out of the air, saying, "I live within," I enter the air.

Earth enters the square. I ask, "Who lives within?" A living form comes out of the earth, saying, "I live within," I enter the earth.

I hear Malacti saying," you have entered into all of these to see, hear and feel, in all ways, the elements and elementals within the inner core of life itself. The heat, the pressure, the lightness, the density, your voice, Morati, the interdimensions of time and space; so much you have to learn and understand.

I am your teacher and I will show you many wonderful things in the fullness of time and space. As you learn and experience so your soul will evolve and you will become at one with the universal Godhead, the creator of all being and life itself.

I now see a crystal projected before me into space, its radiance set against the darkness; its shape is like one of those spinning tops which children play with.

I feel myself coming back into my body but on the instant second before I fully return I see myself in miniature, all light in an oviform.I hear Malacti telling me that all is well.

Malacti and I are walking together out in the open. We stop before a huge stone pyramid. There is no visible entrance. We concentrate our minds in harmony and unity. Malacti then places the flat of his hand against the wall of the pyramid and part of the pyramid wall instantly slides up to make an entrance for us. We walk inside and make our way down some steps and into a largish room.

We are in the Temple of the Crystal Pyramid. We kneel. The High Priest stands behind us, his hands palms outwards to his side. We see a small pyramid somersault out of a larger pyramid. It then comes straight at us, circles us and from beneath us to above us we are drawn within it and are taken into a huge crystal pyramid.

I see incense smoke rising. I am in a hall of rock. The incense is placed in the four corners of the hall - north, south, east and west. In the centre of the hall, standing upright, is a huge crystal laser wand.

I kneel before this laser wand and am showered from above my head through and down every part of my body by crystal showers of star light. My whole being vibrates with the sheer intensity of these crystal showers of star light. My thinking, my vision, my feelings, my thoughts, are all filled with purification!

I fly up and out of my physical body, my head pointing upwards leading the way; my body is straight out - I am a straight point!! Flying upwards, as straight as the laser wand, I feel as though I have 'grown' my own wings! Up and up, into the darkness and stillness of space, I fly, my head still pointing upwards.

I can see planet Earth and I fly around and around her several magical times. I can still feel and sense vast enormous wings attached to my body.

I float gently back to Earth and back into my physical body.

I kneel.

As I kneel a laser wand is placed into my two hands by unseen hands.

I can see projected before me; a laser wand, a sphere and a pyramid. These are represented by:-

PROGENITOR - laser wand

ANTO - sphere

ASCENSION - pyramid

Progenitor Anto Ascension

I stand up and place my own laser wand at the base of the huge laser wand. I stand back. Then into my hands are placed a crook and flail. I stand, holding these with my hands crossed over my chest; the crook in my left hand and the flail in my right hand.

I pick up my own laser wand and holding it firmly in my cupped hands, I walk right round the huge crystal laser wand, and past the smoking incense. All this time my laser wand is held within my cupped hands which form the movements of:-


Everything Sacred is Blessed,

Everything Blessed is Sacred.

I enter a vast room. I am wearing a fine transparent shift/dress which is all shot through with gold. I hold before me a gold tray on which is a clear quartz crystal pyramid.

As I walk forward into the room the feeling everywhere and in everyone is of absolute devotion and dedication. As I walk, carrying the gold tray, the crystal pyramid is full of light; it lights up the gold tray and the gold within my dress.

Walking straight ahead, always keeping to the centre width of the room, I reach a huge crystal pyramid. I take the crystal pyramid from the gold tray and place it at the right front corner of the large crystal pyramid. There are now four crystal pyramids at its base, two in front and two behind (to form a square). These are also symbolic.

I walk back some distance and kneel with others. I am next to Malacti. We all face the pyramids which are of such brilliant white light. We are all taken within its heart to share and to appreciate the tasks which are yet to come.

I know that the crystal pyramid I placed at the base of the huge crystal pyramid is symbolic of Egypt.

I walk into a very light room. The High Priest, Nermenatis, my father, is there waiting for me. We put our arms around each other, holding one another in greeting.

We both sit facing each other to talk. The High Priest says, "Morati. you are happy in your training and I know that Malacti is a very fine priest and an excellent teacher. When you were born to us you incarnated in the feminine form. Later you will give birth to a son of our line. His destiny is to be High Priest when he is a man. But that is not yet.

You will soon be of age and there are things that I am going to teach you myself. Not because you are my daughter, for if you were not worthy it could not be. Later, when you are ready and the time is right, I will teach you the words of power - the sacred words. Now go within to the Temple of Light."

We stand and walk ahead into the beautiful crystal Temple of Light. Straight ahead I walk, keeping strictly to the centre of the Temple. I walk up seven steps, through the crystal pylons, and into the pyramid of crystal light. Standing within this pyramid my body is in the position of the ankh.

Two beautiful angels place themselves on either side of me and lift me up into space, higher and higher. I am carried by them out through the apex of the pyramid. I am now standing on top of the pyramid. I look at the pyramid very closely. It is made of stone and has been constructed in the same way as the Great Pyramid of Egypt several thousands of years after my last incarnation in Atlantis. I am in the darkness and stillness of space.

I find myself on the hand of our GOD; his beauty and love fill my whole being.

The two beautiful angels return and gently carry me back down into the pyramid of crystal light. I stand with my arms crossed over my chest and then walk from the pyramid between the pylons and back down the seven steps.

I see the High Priest waiting for me. He beckons me to an inner room. Within this room is a large rectangular crystal, shaped like an altar. I lay on my back upon it. The High Priest waits, just outside the room.

I rise out of my body into the darkness of all space and time. I can see all the planets and stars. Within me I am filled with all their vibrations. My heart is full of ecstasy and wonderment.

I come back into my body and feel as if the High Priest is standing at my side although I know that, in all reality, he is out of the room.

I hear the voice of the High Priest saying, "Now, go straight to Malacti, your teacher".

I rise and make my way to Malacti.

I enter his room and find him standing, expecting me. His attitude is different from what I have known before. He walks towards me and takes my two hands in his. I look deep within his eyes as we hold hands.

Malacti says to me, "Morati, it is time for you to start working with me in the Temple. Let us go there together now."

We walk from his room and make our way to the Temple. Coming to the many steps which leads up to the Temple entrance (it's built very high up!) we start to climb.

I sense Malacti saying to me, "Be aware of us being in perfect accord, Morati." We tread each step in perfect time with each other. I m on his left side.

We enter the Temple and turn to face each other. Malacti again holds my two hands in his two hands (one hand in each) and I look deep within his eyes. We turn to face into the centre of the Temple, standing side by side. I am still on Malacti's left side.

We walk ahead, our arms crossed over our chests, up the seven steps leading to the two crystal pylons. We pass the crystal pylons and walk into the beautiful pyramid of crystal light. We both kneel, side by side, under the apex of the pyramid in humility and devotion.

We stand and face each other. I put my hands into Malacti's. We look into each other's eyes; we kneel in this position and cross our arms over our chests. I place my hands back into Malacti's and we stand completely still, facing each other, and looking into each other's eyes.

We are then told, by an unseen voice:" You have both joined your hands in the work - the Divine work. Time will reveal the work which is to come."

At that moment, as in a flash second, we are taken into one another, our vibrations are totally merged and we are at onement with each other.

As we return to our own physical bodies we turn and walk from the pyramid of crystal light, with our arms crossed over our chests, side by side.

Malacti says: "We will now take some refreshments together, Morati."

At last the day arrives when I am to be initiated as a priestess.

I am dressed all in white and I see myself standing in a hall all on my own. The hall seems to be built very high up. Before me are three steps. I walk up these to face a circular room.

Standing at its outer circle the thought fills my whole body and mind, "Am I really good enough?" This thought is so intense that it affects my whole being. And the, as if a wave rolls over me, the feeling comes to me that if I were not good enough I would not be here!

Directly facing me is a large round crystal, very smooth and transparent. It stands central to the width of the room. Standing on the other side of the crystal, facing me, is the High Priest. There are priests to his right and to his left but he is in the centre of them. Malacti, my teacher, is standing to his right.

The High Priest steps forward, directly in front of the crystal. Again the same thought fills me, "Am I good enough?" and, again, if I were not good enough I would not be here, washes over me!

Looking into the eyes of the High Priest I feel his acceptance of me. Walking forward to the crystal to face its centre, I look deeply into it and see all our history, both past and that which is yet to come in the future!

The High Priest walks away from the crystal and stands to my right, still a little in front of me. Walking to my right of the crystal and around to where the High Priest had been standing, I walk straight ahead, with the priests both on my right and on my left, with my back to the crystal; deeper into the room - I walk alone.

I see a circular opening in the ceiling. I stand directly beneath this opening and am held in the most wonderful light. It holds me like a forcefield and whilst I am within the forcefield I give myself in humility and simplicity to the ONE who is ALL and in service to humanity.

The light then releases me and I turn and walk back to the High Priest who is standing back in his place but now with his back to the crystal, as are all the other priests. The High Priest and I press our hands together and I look into his eyes. He gives me my name, "MORATI," I look at all the priests and I know that I will always recognise them.

I then walk past the crystal, down the steps into the lower hall and then down more steps into a rectangular hall. My feelings and desires now are to get on with the work.

Now that I have looked into the crystal - and seen what is yet to come - I also know that I am to leave Atlantis before it is destroyed. I know that I am soon to be married to Malacti and that when the time comes for our beloved Atlantis to be no more, we shall both 'travel' to Egypt where it will be necessary for us to use our knowledge to start a new civilisation.........

I also know that after Atlantis the full knowledge that we possessed will never be used again, as the conditions in our new land of Egypt will be completely different from what we have been used to in our days in Atlantis.

When the time comes for the final and ultimate destruction there will be those who will not be allowed to leave Atlantis. They will be held back by THE WORD.

Those who do leave will do so through tele-transportation.

Our dear Timekeeper Crystal (some people call them Earthkeeper Crystals) is still so beautiful and so peaceful. It still stands, as on guard, in the entrance to the ruins of our lovely Atlantean Crystal Healing Temple. Fish swim around it, deep within the depths of the ocean.

Such a powerful energy, such tender yearnings and so many very happy memories that I have. One day, in the not too distant future, our dear, our very dear, Timekeeper Crystal, will once again be used for the benefit and love of all mankind!! `

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