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 Sexual Energy & Creativity

2001-10-17 15:26:06 -- Sexual Energy & Creativity

Hello, beloved beings. It is I, Gabriel, at your service in the light of All That Is. How do we find thee this blessed day? Hmmm? I hope all is well with your beings here on Earth. We have come here to discuss sacred sexuality. You see, sexuality has been overwrought with suspicion and bad-naming. It is highly unrecognized as a divine right, which it is. You see, beloved beings, you are not only spiritual beings but also sexual beings. You have come here to embrace your sexuality in the physical. It is not only an energetic response to love but also a spiritual one. Sexual energy is spirit energy. This is so because Source is of divine creation. What is sexuality, if not creation? You have been told it is bad or not allowed on this plane. This is simply not true. It is not true because without it, there would be so little joy on your planet as you would not survive. The loving of two individuals is an amazing source of spirit. Its only energetic equal is the death of the physical body. You cannot get much closer to Source than that on the physical plane.

It is now in your time of great awakening that you must call upon this part of your beings. You must call upon your great sexuality to create that which is termed enlightenment. This enlightenment will get you to the next level. We have spoken of this level before, yes? Well, time is running short for you to make your changes. The time of change is upon us. This growth is a necessary part of the evolution of this planet you call home. It is absolutely necessary. You can only assist, not hinder, or you will be left behind. You will be here to relive it over and over again until you choose this new growth.

You see, beings, the change is within you. It is created by you. Mother Earth is sort of along for the ride. Although her power and skill is involved in this change, she cannot do it alone. Employ your sexuality as she will employ hers, and you will see dramatic results.

Okay. Now, as we have stated earlier on this matter, your creativity is the sexual energy and is absolutely necessary for the next step in the evolution of mankind as you know it. This means that without this creativity through sexual energy, it could not take place. Therefore, harness it, and use it, and get where you want to go.

Now, there is a very standard method of doing this. You can pull that energy up into the heart chakra and send it out through that means and begin to create and manifest what you want in the heart, not the head. You see, many of you are rather misguided in what you wish for yourselves in your heads; whereas, in your hearts, it is most definitely the true path to meaningful existence. You see, as you begin to generate that energy within the heart chakra, you begin to create what it is you want in your heart, and for most of you, that is the next step in evolution. Human beings are going to be making that step, whether you like it or not. The choice is within you as to how you move within that evolution.

The sexual energy that generally corresponds with the orange chakra, as you know it, can be moved about within the body, and the body can then generate an energy very similar to that of the creative minds and beings that created this universe. You can begin to harness that energy and move it forward out of you, out of your system as a body. That energy can take form. This is most definitely sexual energy. It is most definitely the energy of creativity. It is most definitely what you wish for you when you are manifesting what is needed here for you.

You see, you need only to begin to move – to move within consciousness – to move to another state of awareness. When you move to that point, this sexual energy will be different for you. It will be creativity and much more. It will be your power to change your universe. Creativity is within you at all times. It is a part of who you are, and you begin to manifest what is necessary for you on your planet with this understanding. It is not to be shunned or ignored. It is to be harnessed and cherished and used for its intended purpose. This is the whole point of having it. That is the whole reason behind having that chakra – being able to manifest whatever you want at a moment’s notice, as fast as light and thought.

Okay, beings. Begin to meditate and bring that energy to the heart chakra and send it out through that chakra as a bright ray of light in an iridescent color that is suitable for you, almost an opal. It is almost opaque, but not quite. It shines within you at all times, just grasp it and move it through your body and out that heart center. You will find that this light will give you the power to manifest whatever it is you are seeking at any time. That is the point of having it in the first place.

You see, you are all beloved beings, and we love you very much. That is why we have given you this energy to create. Not only do you create other beings, such as children or babies, you also create that which is within your power, which is limitless. You can make your world whatever you want it to be by using this sexual energy to create, to bring forth what it is that you wish on your planet – be it peace, understanding, a simple new way of life, even another way of being and another way of viewing each other and who you are and your planet as an energy. This energy is very necessary for all of this to happen, for you to be able to control your destiny, to move yourselves to where you want to be, to move yourselves into the next dimension. That dimension is not only waiting for you, it is ready for you. It is a new awareness, a new game, if you will, a new way of playing with that which is called your universe. Your beings, your guides, your spirits are all within one to create such a necessary world. This is a definite change for beings on this planet.

See, it is not only fourth dimensional awareness. It is much more. You are striving to grow and learn, and it is within you at this time to create such an event. It does not have to be challenging or difficult. That is part of harnessing this energy of creativity.

You will begin to see that your light spews forth to others, and they are drawn to it and to your message and to what you have to teach them. That is how this creative energy is spread, and others begin to become aware of their own. They become aware of what changes are occurring and how they can manifest these changes within themselves and within their own worlds. Their power is within them now, and you have a way of guiding them along, should they ask for such guidance. They will. They will ask immediately. They will want that power once they see that you have it.

It is not power in that sense. It is power to control your matter and power to control your own destiny and where you are headed – not power over other people. Maybe we should call it "strength of Source." It is the Source within you that is very strong. You are always connected even though you may not know it. That Source is power within.


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