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 Survival Debt13 comments
category picture13 Oct 2004 @ 16:58

Souls Sold For Plastic Debt

Feh the credit card, that slippery slope toboggan ride, that leads to the mark of the beast tattoed on your hide.

Every day the debt climbs to ever higher levels and our entire culture is in denial about how we will ever pay it back. At the national level the majority of the real money collected in taxes is used to pay the interest on existing debt, and the infastructure expenses are paid with borrowed money. The ponzie pyramid grows like a volcano being pushed up but which hasn't yet exploded. Everybodies bluffing, nobody is calling and yet another round of power poker stokes up the pressure seeking out the point that will blow us all to hell and back.

Been going on so long now that all the chicken littles have been labeled as boys crying wolf, and the warnings of the bottom falling out are regulated to forgotten myths, and placing faith in a safety net of Bretton Woods that no longer exists, all the common man feels like a fool for not grabbing onto the gravy, or is it a hell bound train wreck in the making, and everybodies hoping that unspoken thought that they will die before it runs off the tracks.

Got to eat, got to live, we deserve a life they insist and we got a little plastic card that confirms the reality of this as the fact that is. Who has time to worry of tomorrow when they are busy trying to make it through the day, and the upcoming night is to scary to even think about. If worst comes to worst there is always bankruptcy like the corporations do, but powers that be have decreed that credit card debt need not apply, and with no way out are debtor prisons far behind, or perhaps a buy out with a spot on some Iraqi front line, there are no free rides with devil's deals all comes due in time. Charge the rent, charge the food, what else can we do.

The text that inspired the above rant of mine was this mornings news story on the Microsoft money network written by MP Dunlevy, and what follows was written by her, and can be found in the title link.

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 Earth Rainbow Network2 comments
category picture12 Oct 2004 @ 17:05 is one of those portal sites about peace work from a new age perspective. I discovered it yesterday when I was doing some peace research and was very impressed with how the information was organized.

They also have a newsletter which I think I will check out and at the same time start a bookmark heirarchy of folders so that I can filter and build up a collection of dots which I feel will collect into a bigger picture unique to myself. I'm thinking of it as an experiment in using wetware indexes for alchemical distallation of the noosphere.  More >

 The Official Other Hand1 comment
category picture7 Oct 2004 @ 18:24
The Canadian parliament has started up for another season with the first minority government in twenty five years. The good news is that nothing radical is likely to happen out of fear that a vote of nonconfidence will trigger an early election; the down side is that a lot of time will be wasted and nothing at all will be accomplished.

This morning I heard a letter I wrote read on the CBC radio. They even pronounced my name correctly. It sounded good and felt good. Next step is to get a petition started. I hope this flies.

Greetings Anna Maria Tremonti

Intention and perspective are two of the most important aspects of reaching a common ground where it is possible to cooperatively work together. Think of the shift in attitude that would occur if we were to officialy change the name from "The Official Opposition" to "The Official Other Hand."

It has a touch of that Canadian humor that would lead to wide transmission. More importantly it would be a constant reminder that members of parliament are expected to work cooperatively towards the citizen's best interests, instead of the adversarial partisan politics which often does nothing but set the stage for pretentious ego battles leading to loggerheads.

Robert Oveson
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 Vancouver Earth Dance2 comments
category picture19 Sep 2004 @ 19:39
Earth Dance was on Saturday Sept 18th and it was expected that more than a million people from 120 different cities, in 30 countries would simultaneosly join together in a spiral dance to pray for peace and unite the whole world through the universal platform of music and dance. Sounded like a good idea.

Here in Vancouver it rained hard the night before, and when I woke up it was overcast and the radio was saying that we could expect rain all day long. This made me think it would be a good day to hunker down inside with a good book and take a rest from the run around week I had just been through. But then when I went to the bookcase to get a book, I discovered the Sept edition of Shared Vision magazine which was a bit of a surprise since I had been looking for it the night before. I opened it up and there was a big advertisement for the Earth Dance and I changed my mind once again, got the rain gear on and walked down to Stanley Park.

It was a nice walk, and the rain wasn't that hard, and I held a positive attitude and kept thinking of the concept of composure. I had just finished reading how there was an experiment, world wide once again, to measure the universal energy and see if it was possible for collective intention to affect matter. This was organized by the Light Workers. So this was foremost on my mind as I walked down there along with good intent, and making my choice and visualizing the type of world that I wanted and the changes that I would have to make within myself to realize this. It brought back memories of the Equinox drumming event that was here in 2001 when there were 1500 drummers using conscious intention to create a second singularity, to counter the singularity of the 9/11, and to turn it from a black hole that sucked us all in, to a pair of chaotic attractors that would enable the change into the future. On that day we laid down a spiritual grid, opened the Mayan gate of the North, and had an incredibly great day in the process. So now it was the fourth equinox coming up and although it occurs at 9:30 AM on Sept 22nd the events here in Vancouver seem to be stretched over a week long period that straddle that date. As I walked down to the Earth Dance I thought this was the start of the equinox week.

Stanley Park is a very pretty place and the rain was making everything nice shades of green, and the air smelled fresh. I was getting close to the event location around about 3:00 and the closer I got the better I was feeling. Then there was a bit of break in the clouds and I was in sunshine even though it was still raining, it was a very nice effect. Joy is taking over now and I'm slipping into that goofy smile, tears running down my cheeks state. The hole in the clouds continued to grow and soon it was blue sky overhead so now it was sunny and without rain. There were clouds on the horizon for 360 degrees but the sun shone on us. The hip hop DJs were riffing off on how we had pushed back the clouds and stopped the rain and brought out the sun, and we all could see that it was indeed the case. I was so glad that I had come down afterall.

More people started to come down. Perhaps they planned to be there for the 4:00 start and not the earlier start, but there were more coming. I think that many changed their mind when they saw that there was blue sky over Stanely Park. Just before the 4:00 start we gathered in an open field just off to the side of where we were all dancing. I don't know how many people were there but we formed a circle about 80 metres in diameter and standing fairly close together so that we could hold hands and still have them raised high in the air, that would have been a few hundred. Plus there were a couple dozen drummers that weren't in the spiral dance circle. We all heard the connect signal on the PA and the peace prayer and it was good, there were smiles everywhere and we felt like we had made a connection to a greater good.

It was a good day. On the walk home I had renewed hope and knew that we were going to make it through this and the story of what we did here on Earth would be a best seller on planets throughout the universe. Publishing house Earth had a best seller on their hands. Hang on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride and we ain't seen nothing yet, but you know it will be the greatest story ever told.

Yup, I feel like Vancouver is where I am supposed to be and the grand plan is unfolding all according to plan. Love and joy to you all.


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 Unity Crocodile4 comments
category picture14 Sep 2004 @ 19:00
Wednesday 15th Sept -- Unity Crocodile

One / Unity

The beginning of all things. The first. The whole. The all of one. Assertive and self guided, these persons give a good push to whatever project they are associated. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One persons to be attentive to details or put the finishing touches on things.


Crocodile receives messages of primal creative force. Simply the beginning of all things. Crocodiles who follow their hearts are seen as genius. There is no order to the primal messages so Crocodile persons should direct their energies toward practical and cooperative efforts to bring productive results. Crocodiles have a strong nurturing energy and will work hard to provide security to family and friends. Being extremely territorial, Crocodiles must watch not to be over protective or too dominating. While in these states, Crocodiles are insecure, indecisive and emotionally volatile.

A good day to: Open to new beginnings.


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