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23 Jan 2005 @ 23:56, by Robert Oveson

This is the latest message from - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - [link]

She gives assurance that the everything is unfolding according to plan and maybe even a little ahead of schedule. Nuclear war would put too much of a crimp in the plan and it will not be allowed to happen. The main thing for everybody to do right now is to expect stepping into a new world, a higher spiritual level right here on the material plane, and for the light to reveal divine justice. Above all not to be afraid because fear is what the dark forces require now more than ever in this last frantic dying effort to hold on to their power and domination and which they will be unable to do. Don't try to fight the dark, simply stay unafraid and out of their way, and rejoice in the fact that a new world is about to begin where one can align with society without betraying the soul.

This was close to Matthews latest message and that we could expect to see great things happen as early as this June. Matthew said this current presedincy will be the shortest on record. However that works out, it could be out of the frying pan and into the fire with Dick Cheney, but the truth will be exposed and once that happens we will all be able to move on into the future.

Aluna Joys latest report follows.

Over the last decade the Star Elders have been sharing stories with me. Many of their stories talk about the changing times we are in. They told me over and over that it's going to be confusing, and it could get messy as we tear down the old structures to make room for the new ones. They say Earth changes and shifts, a natural occurring event, will be significantly less dangerous or life threatening than predicted, and unequivocally, without a doubt, no nuclear war will take place. Divine intervention will stop any government, or terrorist from dropping a nuclear bomb anywhere on earth again. We are being watched over and many attacks have already be averted.

WHY they say no more nukes. Nuclear bombs crack souls. Cracked souls don't evolve normally. They are highly susceptible to an entity attack, psychic attack, and can be used by dark forces as pawns for their controlling and disempowering agendas. No matter how hard these cracked souls try, they can't seem to heal their problems. Most of their lifetime is spent struggling between trying to fix the problem, and justifying it. They feel out of control and lost. Cracked souls can take hundreds of Earth years to heal. If it is not healed, the cracked soul will reincarnated over and over again and have uncountable difficult lives and hurt a lot of people in the process.

I have had personal experience with a cracked soul. It was my father. He lived a tortured life that he could never make resolution with. As a child I felt compelled to try to help him. In my dreams I could see a strange black animal attacking him. I would wake from these dreams crying in a cold sweat. I spent a lot of time trying to fix my dad. When I got older I finally gave up. I didn't understand what I was dealing with. It left me with a great sense of failure. I began to think that it was just a childish dream, until the day he passed. This was the day I was able to dislodge and clear the dark being from him, and help send my dad to a place where his soul could be healed. His next life will be a blissful one. He deserves it.

The Star Elders shared two ways souls can become cracked. A nuclear bomb, as I've already shared, and also the misuse of certain types of technology. During the times of Atlantis they had the use of this technology, and they were misusing it. This misuse caused the fall. It cracked an unaccountable number of souls, many of which are reincarnating today. I'm sure there are a lot of healers that have clients that they can't seem to help. The biggest problem with a person incarnating with a cracked soul is that you can't fix the soul while they're alive. The soul can only be healed after they have crossed over. Once the person drops the body we can ask that they be taken to the place that heals cracked souls. It's a huge undertaking and a hard process, but it is not impossible.

This is why the Star Elders say there will be Divine Intervention if a nuclear bomb is to be dropped again on this earth. We will not be destroyed by a nuclear blast. We will not be allowed to wipe ourselves out in this way. Things might get pretty messy as we begin to rebuild a new world, but there are greater forces at hand than our own. They will not let us crack souls ever again. There is a divine plan even though it looks bad at the moment.

The Star Elders share that it is really important that we don't go into fear at this time of change. Fear is the fastest and most efficient way to disconnect ourselves from our own personal truth, light, and power within. When we are in fear, we can not access spirit, and we can not access truth. We simply freeze up and can become fair game for those that would like to control the world.

Buddhist monks practice non-permanence. With non-permanence it is very hard to go into fear. You do not worry about your physical body or your material possessions because you understand they are impermanent. Negative future predictions can be faced in a neutral way, since there is no attachment. You become a powerful and clear witness to the material world around you, and you can make your choices from that clear place.

Many people are beginning to report going into a void place that I perceive is a bridge between this world and the next. When there, you may feel disconnected from most of life as it is now. You might lose your motivation, inspiration, passion, your Mo-Jo and feel fuzzed out. At first glance, we might think this is a negative. As many people are going through this at the same time, we begin to realize the awesome truth; we are heading through that prophesied doorway into a new world. It's happening. We are not just practicing non-permanence. We are actually living it by letting go of our worldly attachments. The more we let go of our attachments, the easier it will be to enter that New World.

In the wake of the worse tsunami disaster that we have seen in recorded history, we have to wonder why thousands and thousands of Buddhists, who practice non-permanence, have crossed over. Having taken the Bodhisattva vow to be of service to humanity, are they helping us now by building a bridge for humanity to this new world? Are they giving us a reason to forget our differences and finally have peace?

The Star Elders say that what we're about to do has never been done before. We have had dress rehearsals in ages past, but this is the time that we will actually shift into a New Age in a physical body and become spiritually aware. The Star Elders say this is why the Earth is so crowded with so many souls at this time. Not only is this the most amazing time that Earth has ever experienced, but it is also an unparalleled evolutionary jump for the soul, for those that choose to shift with the planet. Nearing the time of the final shift, the Star Elders will be with us once again. They tell me that they are not going to let us have all the fun. : )

Now about those beings wanting to control you and the world around you, the Star Elders have this to say. Any person in a place of authority that is misusing his/her power will discover all that was misused, will come back a hundredfold to set things right. The wolves of the world will be stripped of their sheep's clothing. Old ways will began to die away to make room for new ways. World powers are on a course of self-destruction. All we have to do is to stand back out of the way, and watch the darkness fall away. What an absolute blast it will be to watch Universal Justice in action.

Many are being called to help ones in need. We are beginning to gather the warriors of light. It is the gathering of the Eagles. We are all taking our positions and setting things into place. We will be in the right place, at the right time, for what we have to offer. Isn't this amazing?!

The Star Elders, the Great White Brotherhood, Lord Meru and the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, and all the other master buddies, are speaking strongly these days. There's no time or space left for humanity to go into fear. Our senses can deceive us. What we see with our eyes can deceive us. What we read can deceive us. What we hear can deceive us. Listen to the truth within. I can't say this strongly enough. The Star Elders say that we will be Victorious! Did you hear that? We will be Victorious! So quit worrying about the multitude of negative predictions and accelerated earth events out there.

When we know that fear cuts us off from our inner truth, wouldn't the control mongers of the world know this to! Wouldn't they use this knowledge and try to control us by projecting fearful predictions? Did it ever occur to you that negative predictions, conspiracy theories, and all the other fearful things we hear about might be put into place for the simple reason to shut us down, so we can't access our truth? Remember the outer world can confuse us at this time. Listen within.

When we let go of fear, we can access our truth. In the coming months and years ahead, as we enter a time that is miraculous, amazing, a little strange, and so very new, don't worry; be happy. Or as they say here in the Southwest, don't worry; be Hopi. Know that we/you/us will be victorious, and the truth within is the only truth to listen to as the rest will fade into an illusion.

So here below is a link to the web site that shares the Tibetan Monks‚ vision that validates all that I have said above. I hope you take into your hearts this positive message from yet another source. Read it here at this link ...

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24 Jan 2005 @ 06:45 by skookum : thank you
I needed cheering up tonight.


24 Jan 2005 @ 16:30 by astrid : Hi Ov.
22 Jan 2005 @ 02:09 // this was part of (one of) my comment(s) on b's blog: "From today on I will decree DIVINE JUSTICE to take hold of every inch of the world, every single human, to be put in the Balance and get what they have so hard worked to earn of cosmic Justice/Karma!
I will haste EVERY DAY from today on to be The Judgement Day, while all wait for the Final Judgement Day, the Planetary/Galactic/Universal one, planned for Dec 21 2012!
To use one's Free Will to hurt someone else is hereby NO MORE!!! The bumerang effect will become ever more immediate, ever faster and swifter with every passing day from now on."

Obviously Aluna Joy and I and you and many more with us are tuning in synch! That always makes me so happy! : )
From my friend and Mentor Alan Cohen ( ) I learned this little mantra song: "there is HEALING when the radiance of Love replaces all our fears" (over and over again you sing it. You can make your own tune to this little frase! )  

24 Jan 2005 @ 19:14 by ov : A brighter tomorrow
Thank you for your comments. Yes there is a new dawn coming and it will be soon based on how dark it is right now. The optimistic aspect is not in embracing the maya of distractions while hiding our head in the sand of what those distractions are costing us, but instead to see that there will soon be a time when we can appreciate those things that have real value. So much to look forward to on the other side of addiction, we just have to get over that fear of withdrawal from our consumerist lifestyles. Even better will be the fall of the fear mongers, and without them around we wouldn't need to anesthetize ourselves.  

1 Feb 2005 @ 11:22 by vaxen : Tibet?
Buddhist monks? Building a bridge for us? Not hardly. I appreciate your sharing the above with us, ov, however you may wish to examine if you have the time. After all this is Kali Yug(a) and the Kalachakrayana is about 'kala' which can mean 'destruction, yes, but also time. Matter, energy, space and time. In truth we are timeless. The writing above is similar to much of the inner teachings of Ron Hubbard. The Galactic Patrol from the Galactic Confederation is said to be preventing the use of the nuclear weapons by the Marcabians, an alien race from a planet called Marcab, who are trying to take over our world. The black animal/darkness she saw trying to get her father (cracked soul) is very reminiscent of an entity called a Black Static Thetan. The Black Static Technology is being used by the Taken Over Church of Scientology (taken over by agents of Marcab) to further aid in the destruction and enslavement of the human race by said aliens. The original purpose of Scientology, purportedly, is to give us the spiritual technology with which to fight this "New World Order." We have the tech., but it isn't with the COS. ;) Thanks bro...  

20 Mar 2006 @ 20:27 by ~Angela~ @ : like waves of light in my soul
I cannot say how grateful I am to have been fortunate enough to learn about this. I was definatly in the right place at the right time. I never thaught I would find anything like this on 12:26 central standard time I will be celebrating the spring eqinox. Something I knew nothing about just three days ago. When I read about it for the first time I was filled with what I can only describe as waves of light in my soul. I know I am being taken care of now. I know I am loved. And I know I have someone watching over me. Truthfully I was begining to wonder. I am lucky to have friends like Shyloh, The Paradyme Shifter, Alyssa, Raven Saphire who all shared with me this knowledge. By something as simple as posting a bulletin on myspace. All because I decieded to reach out and make new friends. I have been blessed.

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