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21 Jan 2005 @ 23:26, by Robert Oveson

There is such a difference between what a person says and what they really mean as deduced in hindsight. It's difficult at the best of times to understand George's incoherent ramblings, and even though he was not the author of his 2005 Inaugural Address, the editors at Signs of the Times thought it might be helpful if we hired a translator to decipher the deeper meaning behind his words:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

On this day marked by flagrant and unnecessary excess, and while the people of Iraq continue to suffer and die by our hand, we celebrate the material trappings that define our culture. I am grateful for the rigged voting machines of Diebold, the spin doctors in the media, and the Machiavellian tactics of my handler Karl Rove; and with a specious mandate, I'm determined to spend my political capital, now free to do whatever I damn well please.

Our duties are not defined by these words written for me, but by the reality that I alone create. For half a century, America has imposed it's will on any third world government that refused to capitulate to it's totalitarian demands. After Communism, there appeared to be years of relative quiet, while our secret undercover intelligence operatives staged successful coup-d'état's and political assassinations, installing ruthless puppet dictators in poorer countries so that we could exploit their people and resources. After years of this tactic, we got tired of operating in secret, and decided to bring the show out into the open by deliberately staging our own day of fire.

We have taken advantage of our vulnerable citizenry - by exploiting the source of their deepest fears. For as long as recalcitrant regions of the world refuse to bend to America's will - we will accuse them of resentment and tyranny - we will use our agents in the media to endlessly repeat lies about their ideologies of hatred and murder - and the imaginary spectre of a mortal threat - all the while using our own violence and destructive power against them. There is no force in history that can break our reign of fear-mongering and intimidation, nor one that can expose the pretensions of tyrants like myself and my neocon cabinet. We will dash the rewards and hopes of the decent and tolerant, knowing full well that people will choose slavery as long as we can convince them that they are free.

We are led by dark and malicious forces that we barely comprehend, but whose conclusions we will blindly follow to the bitter end. The survival and success of their nefarious agenda increasingly depends on continued invasion and occupation of other lands. The best hope for all out apocalyptic war in our world is the relentless expansion of American hegemony in all the world.

The interests of the neocon/Zionist alliance, now in control in America, in manipulating the deepest fears of the populace are now one. From the day of our founding, we have prattled on about rights, freedoms and dignity, while at the same time acting to ensure that nothing of the sort should ever become reality. We invoke the name of Jehovah/Yahweh at every opportunity so that the faceless multitudes should cower and tremble upon hearing his name. We peddle the lie of self-government while we wholly govern everything about you, we take it upon ourselves to become your masters because you so willingly agree to become our slaves. Advancing the interests of the wealthy and ruling elite is the mission that created our nation, paid for by the blood and sweat of your fathers. Once again we invoke the illusion of security so that you may all offer your sons and daughters as cannon fodder in the upcoming war to end all wars. It is the urgent calling of our time.

Watch out Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and all you other Middle Eastern nations, what is happening in Iraq will soon be happening to you. It is the ultimate goal of spreading American tyranny throughout your land, and inevitably engaging the entire world.

This is primarily a task of arms, as in testing the latest warfare technology on innocent civilians in developing nations, and we will use this force of arms indiscriminately and without provocation while saying that we are acting in our own defense. Freedom, by it's nature, must be believed by those we wish to enslave, they must believe that they choose it willingly, and thus can be easily coerced into defending their slavery, even at the cost of their own lives. And when a nation, or more accurately a nation's leader, doesn't have a soul, it's institutions, customs and traditions will reflect this absence. America has always imposed it's own style of totalitarianism, especially on the unwilling. It's goal is to plunder and decimate their people and resources, quell the voice of dissent, help other nations attain their own slavery, and imprison and kill those who would speak the truth or stand in it's way.

The ruling elite know full well that the implementation of global tyranny is the work of many generations. The difficulty of the task is no excuse for publicizing it, for it's success is dependent on it's secrecy. Now that I have been given a second mandate, America's influence is practically unlimited, which is fortunate for us, but most unfortunate for the world's oppressed, because our version of freedom, as seen in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, is about to be imposed on the world at large.

My most solemn duty is to disguise my true intentions, and keep repeating blatant lies about further attacks and emerging threats. Some have unwisely chosen to question my fundamentalist belief system and found it to be rigid and dogmatic.

I always speak in simplistic dualisms, like either you are with us or against us. And I mean it when I say every ruler and every nation better heed my words because the runaway freight train of American-style democracy will soon be battering down your doors. The American government will spare no effort to ensure that all dissidents, foreign and domestic, will end up in chains, and that the soldiers in my army will inflict the maximum amount of humiliation and servitude upon any men and women unfortunate enough to be labeled as enemy combatants - because when you strip away my facade of kindness and compassion, I am nothing more than an arrogant bully.

We will continue to propagate whatever lies we like about other governments and how they treat their own people in order to justify future military action. America's contempt for human dignity will continue to guide our policies, and we will only grudgingly pay lip-service to the notion of "rights" because we must hide the fact that we are really a bunch of petty dictators; our fear of dissent is only matched by our overwhelming scorn for the people we govern. And as long as I'm in power, there will be no justice, no freedom, no human rights, and no human liberty.

Some, I know, have questioned my psychopathic rantings, though as Adolf Hitler, my mentor in history, used to say: A good dictator can never allow any sort of doubt. Americans, of all people, are not likely to wake up to the bubble of illusion that I have surrounded them with. Even though fascism will emerge right before their eyes, they will not accept the truth of my permanent tyranny and the high probability of their permanent slavery. For pain and suffering will come to those who fear it most and are aware of it least.

Today, America spouts the same tired rhetoric to the peoples of the world: All who live in fear of my tyranny shall be filled with hopelessness: the United States will augment your oppression, facilitate your oppressors. When you try to stand up for your liberty, we will shoot you down like dogs and label you "insurgents".

Democratic reformers who are repressed, in prison or in exile can know for certain: America sees what you are trying to do: and our future leaders will make sure you stay that way.

The rulers of nations that we define as outlaw regimes can know that we will quote from any dead former President if it serves our ends. Even though the words of Abraham Lincoln apply more to us than any other country, it won't stop us from seeing this sick and twisted charade to its final conclusion.

The leaders of governments who desire to emulate America's long habit of control need to know: To serve your people you must first capitulate to our will. Start on this journey of fear-mongering and intimidation and America will walk behind you with a smile on it's face and a knife at your back. And all the allies of the United States can know: your subservience will be rewarded, and even though we don't give a whit about your counsel and help, stick with us long enough and you may share in the spoils of our campaign of terror. Divide and conquer is our modus operandi. The unilateral effort of the world's greatest superpower will snuff out any chance of true democracy, and ensure whoever we label as an enemy will ultimately be defeated.

Today, I also regurgitate the same tired rhetoric to my loyal serfs and chattel: From all of you I have demanded your total obedience and unwavering sacrifice of your young in the name of national security, which you have granted in good measure. Our country has waged an unnecessary, illegal and immoral war half a world away, whose obligations become more and more difficult to fulfill. But despite the ever-growing number of dead, and because I declare that it would be dishonourable to abandon this task, we may need to reinstate the military draft in the near future. Yet because the lives of the common folk are so insignificant to our plans for global domination, tens of millions have achieved a premature exit from this earthly plane. And if all goes according to plan, tens of millions more will be sacrificed before my bloodlust is satiated. By the efforts of a powerful and sinister few, we have lit the entire world on fire, a fire we hope will engulf every nation and every person in its all-consuming wrath. It warms the fireplaces of my heavily guarded fortress, it burns to a cinder everyone else who is unfortunate enough not to be me, and one day this untamed fire of my God's aggression will encompass all four corners of the globe.

A few American and Israeli secret service agents have accepted the hardest duties in this cause - in the quiet work of intelligence and black-ops ... the undercover work of creating the most spectacular false-flag operation in all of history ... the stupendous feat of undertaking a new Pearl Harbour ... infiltrating and bypassing the most fortified defenses in the world by hijacking four jumbo jets and crashing them into buildings on September 11, 2001 ... and to top it all off, blaming the entire operation on a group of cave dwelling radicals in a country we had already planned to invade years earlier. They have shown their devotion to the ruling elite by sacrificing the lives of 3,000 innocent people, and shall be honoured their whole lives - and my masters will always be grateful, for none of this would have been possible without them.

Thanks to the media, all Americans were witness to this horrible spectacle, most for the umpteenth time. I ask our youngest citizens to unquestioningly believe the "official version" even if the evidence contradicts their very eyes. You have seen the lengths of depravity we will go to ensure that our agenda is finally realized. You have seen that life is fragile, believed that the illusion is real, and ensured that evil triumphs. You've blindly made the default choice to serve a cause antithetical to the truth, a choice that favours entropy, one that is at odds with the higher part of yourself - and in these last days you will add not just to the demise of your country, but indeed to revealing its true character.

America depends on illusory idealism and rabid nationalism, because there is still much work to be done at home - the unfinished work of preparing the hypnotized populace for economic meltdown and the imposition of martial law. In a world moving toward greater polarization, myself and the powers that be are determined to use your unwavering faith in our "high moral character" to show the real world effects of giving away your free will to small group of greedy psychopathic madmen.

In the American version of freedom and democracy, citizens find great comfort and security in these lofty ideals, content with the material trifles of fast food and electronic gadgets, falsely believing themselves to be economically independent, all the while their entire financial system is on the verge of collapse. While the majority remains sleepily content and thinks freedom is being able to choose between different brands of carbonated sugar water, my government can then enact such draconian laws as the Homeland Security and Patriot Acts without a whisper of protest. My latest tour-de-force is to pilfer what is left of Social Security under the guise of "reform" in order to fuel my insatiable war machine. I will continue to feed you lies about having a stake in the future of our country, the high standards of our schools, and about building an ownership society. I will distract your attention away from the carnage in Iraq by talking about retirement savings, health insurance and a free society, all the while putting your sons and daughters on the battlefield in harms way with outdated equipment, and cutting their benefits when they return home either maimed or in a box. By convincing every citizen that they are indeed a master of their own destiny, when exactly the opposite is true, by motivating them with fear, bread and circuses, bankrupting society, lining my own pockets, and spouting trite slogans about prosperity, justice and equality, we will fill our fellow Americans with pride when they willingly sacrifice themselves for the fatherland, all the while dreaming that they are free.

In America's illusory ideal of freedom, the private interest depends entirely on the suggestibility of the public - on the false integrity of their egos coupled with a deep intolerance towards others, and their willingness to be ruled by those in positions of authority. We will continue to govern and control you by repeating the lie that you in fact govern yourselves. I will invoke the names of all three monotheistic religions to give the appearance of fairness, but we all know which one I've been talking to directly, which of course is the only one true God. Americans continue to stagnate in every generation, repeating the same mistakes of the those who came before - ignoring the truth of a grand inter-generational conspiracy which ensures that the keeper of my DNA will always be the one to sit upon the throne, while your descendants continue to live in squalor and do my dirty work. This is the true reality of justice in America as it was the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In America's illusory ideal of freedom, the only rights the weak have is to do service for those in power. The only mercy I will show, like I did when executing people as governor of Texas, will indeed be a reflection of the true nature of my heart. Liberty for all is another hypnotic phrase which is essentially meaningless given the reality of our disparate social positions, and talk of interdependence, the worthiness of the unwanted and neighbourly love are designed specifically to manipulate your emotions and direct away from the fact that judging by my past behaviour, deep down inside, I am racist and a bigot too.

I can say whatever meaningless gobbledygook my speechwriters put on these cards as long as it has the words "freedom" and "character" in it, knowing the sheeple will lap it up.

I am a uniter and all terrorists are dividers. I am a great healer for the wound that was inflicted upon us, because of my special relationship with that booming authoritarian voice in my head. I put my hand over my heart in a symbolic act of false piety, hopefully engendering feelings of pride and unity in my subordinates. Again, I'll make subtle reference to 9/11, and those poor victims of our deliberate attack upon ourselves, so as to remind all my slavish supporters that them evil terrorists are now on every street corner and under every bed. I'll throw in a couple more "freedoms" and "justice" because it looks like I'm getting near the end of this speech.

I am now confident with my Texan swagger and direct connection to the Almighty that I can wage war indiscriminately and with abandon, as the Good Lord has promised me a heavenly reward should I fulfill His mandate of wiping out all the brown-skinned people who stand in His way on the path to absolute and total dominion over this dark planet. God has chosen ME to usher in these end times, to fill up the hole in His blackest of souls, to feed the hunger that gnaws at His gut. I'm George W. Bush, and I am on a mission for the Author of this reality. This is my destiny. Better throw in a couple more "liberty's" and freedoms", just to be sure.

By invoking the sentimentality of American history ingrained into each citizen by repeated indoctrination in the education system, once again I reaffirm by explicit intentions to bomb the hell out of any country that so much as looks at me the wrong way. Amen.

...who's the most evil of them all.

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22 Jan 2005 @ 04:08 by astrid : May the Whole World
have a chance to read this, EVERY single person! May they all truly grasp -as in understand- every single word/intention expressed here to the FULLEST!

22 Jan 2005 @ 09:33 by gea : I´d laugh...
...if it wasn´t so sad.
Anyway, Hooray for the Human spirit who can see through any un-human agenda!... ;-)  

22 Jan 2005 @ 10:39 by ov : Good job eh
I thought it nailed the truth better than anything I've read in a long time. Lately I've been reading the daily news from the site and like the way they keep on top of things. Some of there articles are right on and some I'm sceptical about but they make me think and developing discernment without turning truth validation over to somebody else is a big part about what that site is all about.  

22 Jan 2005 @ 12:15 by istvan : Worth reading
[ ]  

22 Jan 2005 @ 12:45 by gea : Whoa.
Thanks, Istvan.  

23 Jan 2005 @ 00:46 by ov : From todays Guardian
{,12271,1396203,00.html|Heartfelt flow of fire and brimstone}

'God-drenched' speech is second nature to born-again Bush

Julian Borger in Washington
Saturday January 22, 2005
The Guardian

George Bush's speechwriter Michael Gerson suffered a mild heart attack while working on Thursday's inaugural address, and its fire-and-brimstone rhetoric seems to have been aimed at having the same effect on some of the world's leaders.

The declaration of an American mission to spread liberty around the world, combined with the religious rhetoric in which it was couched, gave the speech a scarily messianic flavour to many ears, and not just foreign ones.

In a column headed Way Too Much God in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Ronald Reagan's former speechwriter Peggy Noonan described the speech as "somewhere between dreamy and disturbing" and suggested that the Bush White House might be suffering from "mission inebriation".

"It was a God-drenched speech," she wrote. "This president, who has been accused of giving too much attention to religious imagery and religious thought, has not let the criticism enter him. God was invoked relentlessly."

The main thrust of the speech was that America's founding principle, that all people "bear the image of the maker of heaven and earth" and thus have inalienable rights, should now be extended around the globe with the help of the US.

The spread of democracy and defeat of tyranny was a calling ordained by "the author of liberty".

Mr Bush has reportedly told aides and supporters in private that he feels he was chosen by God to lead America in its hour of need, and he raised eyebrows earlier this month with the observation that he did not "see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord".

Language like this is second nature to the president and Mr Gerson, both born-again Christians. Mr Gerson, 40, was a theology graduate and church volunteer before he started writing speeches for Mr Bush in 1999, and it shows. He finished writing the speech after his mild heart attack.

Mr Bush would not have picked him if his use of language did not fit his own outlook on the world. Mr Bush carefully shaped his second inaugural address, reportedly telling Mr Gerson in November: "I want this to be the freedom speech" and sending back 21 drafts, no doubt contributing to the writer's poor health.

Mr Gerson's skill has been to draft speeches that fit the president's tone of voice. But he has denied that the vocabulary is intended as a subtle message to Evangelical Christians that the White House is on their side.

"I try to explain that they're not code words; they're literary references understood by millions of Americans ... they're our culture," he said at a discussion organised last month by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

"I don't believe that any of this is a departure from American history. I don't think it's disturbing because it's new," he added. "President Clinton referred to Jesus or Jesus Christ more than the president does."

Luis Lugo, the Pew Forum's director, said Mr Bush tended to be more ecumenical in his oratory than his predecessors, careful to mention mosques and synagogues in the same breath as churches. On Thursday he was the first president to mention the Qur'an in an inaugural address.

"Studies I have seen recently suggest his references to religion are not out of step with Clinton's use of language. Clinton, after all, talked about his 'new covenant'," Mr Lugo said.

Many other presidents, notably Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, have employed religious language. Mr Bush was apparently also impressed by John Kennedy's 1961 inaugural address, which he echoed in his call to America's youth for selfless service, and his use of the phrase "survival of liberty".

Kennedy's speechwriter Ted Sorensen dismissed the comparison. "I measure the speech not by the beauty of the words but the sincerity of its principles. Is the speaker willing to live up to those ideals?" he said.

"Kennedy was making it clear that he was going to work with others. He referred to the UN as our last best hope. I'm glad to hear President Bush say that we look to our allies for our counsel but I'm sure that's news to the allies.

"As was said of Lyndon Johnson, it's words that get you into the credibility gap but words can't get you out. It's actions."  

23 Jan 2005 @ 03:53 by koravya : Sad eyes
Might indications suggest that this boy is getting an extraordinary amount of attention from both sides of the literate world who follow this global reenactment of some ancient drama? From one direction, he is looked upon with admiration and trust, while from the other direction, the hatred builds relentlessly. The United States is a country no longer United. The belief in what the country is about has branched and the river is going in two directions and the distance between the watersheds of belief only widen. The collective neurosis, the collective psychosis, the collective discontent, the archetypal bifurcation of perception is brought to focus behind those two sad eyes. Perhaps he can be forgiven for he knows not what he does. Have you ever wondered how some of those old mythologies, from whatever culture has given you whatever mythology you have, played themselves out in the worlds of our daily behavior and relationships? Now those of us who have been following this story of how this boy walked through this world he was born into to arrive at this nexus of attention directed at him through millions of minds throughout the globe can bear witness. This boy is on the stage and he stands at the crossroads of incompatible principles and beliefs. The guiding spirits of the oppositional brainwaves will gravitate towards the harmonic of resolution as the boy strives for his peace of mind. Surrounded by followers and supporters, the voice of the other becomes increasingly remote. Without his even knowing it, he will no longer know who he is. Have you ever wondered how some of those old mythological tales worked themselves out, played themselves out, in the world of daily affairs? The drama is unfolding. We are audience and participant, and we are here to make a difference, so let us continue with our role.

23 Jan 2005 @ 21:07 by ov : Polarization
The other day somebody told me a recent poll showed that 49% of Americans thought Bush was a uniter and 51% thought he was a divider. The person telling this story exclaimed 'God how I love surrealism' and I looked up that term and discovered that it originated just prior to the Great Depression of 1929. Hmmm. Maybe there is something up the denial of impending collapse that creates this kind of division, those that see it coming and want to do something about it and those that don't want to see it coming because they wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway and being force fed the red pill would simply ruin their little happy trip.

I think the dividing characteristic is the STS and STO, that's Service To Self vs Service To Others, and it seems to me that the neo-con followers are firmly intrenched in the STS camp. The STS thing seems to go hand in hand with the 'chosen people' and this is the primary link between the Zionists and the Neo-Cons, they not only think they are the chosen people but that this means that the 'other' has no rights and no value other than to be used. I sure wish all the chosen people would hurry up and rapture off this planet and leave it to the weak while there is still time to rescue it from total inhabitability.  

23 Jan 2005 @ 23:02 by astrid : Dear Ov
It is up to everyone of us who have understood the 180 degrees Thing to STOP being/remaing GIVERS and not give a damn of the TAKERS'; the "chosen-ones"(it is IN the Bully-personalities "Behaviour-Script" to be/have in such manner. Goes with the mental/emotional territory, so to speak )this nonstop footstomping& shouting"gimme,gimme" and choose to become MAKERS!!! Then we become The MAKERS of the New,and the more of the Givers who hasn't gotten the grip of this yet, see us MAKING a BETTER LIFE , they will "Get It" and join our side of the Rift..., getit"  

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