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picture16 Nov 2004 @ 07:14, by Robert Oveson

New Dawn Magazine lists itself as a journal of alternative news & information: for a new consciousness, a new humanity, a new era!

It has a 190 articles on the site under the following categories:

• New World Order • Ancient Egypt
• Mind Control • UFO/Alien Phenomenon
• Looking into the Future • Esoteric/Metaphysics
• Behind the News • Mysteries
• Big Brother • Health
• Political / Economics • Middle East
• Ancient Civilisation • Miscellaneous

Now I haven't checked out all of these, but they do sound like the type of thing that might interest some of the people that hang out here at NCN. :-)

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16 Nov 2004 @ 07:19 by vaxen : Thanks...

16 Nov 2004 @ 10:33 by ashanti : One of my favourites.
I did refer to it a while back on my Blog, as well. I think they do stunning work - one of the few publications left that genuinely seek to dig out the truth, and examine alternative viewpoints. They deserve all the support we give them. I was their only South African subscriber this year. Have tried to introduce people over here to New Dawn, but no-one thus far has understood what they are about. Most just blink, and are not interested.  

17 Nov 2004 @ 07:48 by ov : New Dawn
I think it was the name that I liked the best but it does look like they have some interesting articles. So much to read out there, so little time, I need to specialize and find a group thats mine.  

25 Nov 2004 @ 17:03 by jazzolog : Breakaway States Seek To Join Canada
A very Happy Thanksgiving to all on this day!
May the beautiful values of generosity and tolerance be celebrated in our country again.

And further greetings from my online friend, Bryan Zepp Jamieson~~~


Ottawa (CP): Relations between Canada and the American government, already frosty since the surprise election of the present New Democratic Party (NDP) majority government in 2008, became even cooler in the wake of a suggestion by an expatriate American in a newspaper column in the Ottawa Citizen that Canada should consider "adopting" the troubled states of Washington, Oregon, and California.

The dispute flared up at a time when the Bush administration was claiming that the breakaway factions in the American Pacific northwest had been contained, and order restored to the region. The region remains under a news blackout.

The Citizen columnist, Paul Pelzer, is an American expatriate journalist who fled to Canada in 2007 in the wake of the passage of the "Freedom for All" act by Congress which sharply curtailed criticism of the administration by the media.

The Bush Administration has been in a dispute with the Canadian government over Pelzer, insisting on what they term his "compelled repatriation" since his public remarks which the American government said equated the President’s twin daughters with prostitutes. The Bush administration described Pelzer as, in the words of press secretary Ann Coulter, "a malcontent and a liberal traitor with a very tiny penis."

Pelzer’s claim to have been in contact with insurgents in the troubled American region was doubtlessly an aggravating factor in the response by the Bush administration, which is notoriously sensitive to criticism.

Prime Minister Bennett has stated that former Prime Minister Paul Martin’s willingness to "muzzle" Parliament and forbid any displays of what the American President considered "disrespectful behavior" led to public disaffection with the Liberal Party in general, and Martin in particular, who was seen as being a "Neville Chamberlain" to the aggressive American administration. This, Bennett says, led to a subsequent rise of the NDP both in Ontario and the Maritimes.

Pelzer lived in Northern California, and left the region prior to the rise in tensions that led to the news blackout two weeks ago. A vociferous critic of the Bush administration, he claims that there is overwhelming public sentiment in the troubled region to secede from the United States and that Canada stood to benefit both financially and tactically if the potential breakaway states were to apply for membership in the Confederacy.

Washington, already fighting a severe economic recession and stretched to the limit militarily by ongoing military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and North Korea, continues to insist that Pelzer is a disaffected gadfly who should not be taken seriously, even as the Americans continue to press for Pelzer’s return to the United States. Upon his defection to Canada in March of 2007, the administration had demanded his extradition, only to be told by the Ontario High Court that unless the United States could provide assurance that Pelzer would not be executed, it was a violation of both Canadian law and the 2006 Treaty of Beijing to send any person back to a country where death or political imprisonment would be a possible outcome. The decision sparked outrage in Washington, which insists that only violent criminals are executed, and defended the roughly 5,000 executions in the previous year as being necessary for humanitarian purposes. Amnesty International claims that the number of executions is actually in the tens of thousands, and that most are politically motivated.

Pelzer himself has led a reclusive life. His last public appearance was six months ago, when he joined several hundred protesters on Parliament Hill on November 5th to protest the cancellation of the Presidential elections (see Terrorist Attack at Democratic Convention; hundreds dead). His present whereabouts is unknown and efforts to contact him by cell phone were unsuccessful.

The Prime Minister’s office refused comment when asked about this latest event in the deteriorating relations between the two nations, once considered the staunchest allies on earth. A source at the Ministry of Defence warned that America should not try any "cowboy stunts" or conduct any kidnappings of expatriates on Canadian soil, as happened in the notorious Grove case in 2006.

In his column, Pelzer cited the shattered state of the American economy, and the inability of the military to address any further flareups as it attempts to fight five brush-war fronts at once. He argues that if California, Oregon and Washington did secede and wished to become a part of Canada, there would be little Washington could do about it.

Despite the continued fall of the American dollar (closing price Friday 0.37 Loonies), America maintains a trade deficit of some $30 billion a month. Unemployment appears to be widespread and massive, despite administration reports that the official unemployment rate is at a healthy 2.5%. This, coupled with the ever-widening military commitments, has left America incapable of bringing rebellious states to heel, Pelzer argues, and it would be wise to offer safe haven to those states that wished to leave.

Despite these setbacks, American polls suggest that support for the President remains strong, with his approval ratings near 60%. Even in the troubled West Coast regions, there are strong undercurrents of support for the President.

Ironically, it was a far milder remark made by Pelzer that caused an irritated American President George W. Bush to publically call for Pelzer’s execution. Referring to the notorious Utah Salt Flats labor camp the Federal Government established in late 2005, Pelzer suggested the Bush daughters be sent there to join the "comfort corps:" female prisoners believed to be used as forced sex slaves for the prison guards. Depicting the female prisoners as brave patriots who had chosen to provide company and comfort to brave American soldiers rather than just consume tax dollars languishing in jail cells, Bush condemned Pelzer for "mocking" the prisoners and implying that they were prostitutes, and that, by extension, his daughters would be associated with them. It was this remark that led the High Court to provide political refugee status to Pelzer, which overrides extradition treaties that exist between the two countries.

In a separate incident, Washington delivered a formal protest to the Foreign Minister’s office in the wake of a decision by the Alberta Parliament to not compel provincial schools to set aside time for students to view broadcasts of the "God’s Science" cable channel. The American station, which promotes what they call "Biblical evolution science" – the belief that most creatures, including man, were created as they are now thousands of years ago – had demanded that schools, both in America and Canada, set aside time for equal treatment, part of a project they call "The Fairness Doctrine."

The Foreign Minister’s office noted that the decision was one made at a provincial level, and thus was out of their jurisdiction.  

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