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12 Oct 2004 @ 17:05, by Robert Oveson is one of those portal sites about peace work from a new age perspective. I discovered it yesterday when I was doing some peace research and was very impressed with how the information was organized.

They also have a newsletter which I think I will check out and at the same time start a bookmark heirarchy of folders so that I can filter and build up a collection of dots which I feel will collect into a bigger picture unique to myself. I'm thinking of it as an experiment in using wetware indexes for alchemical distallation of the noosphere.

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13 Oct 2004 @ 01:20 by spiritseek : I remember
this site, I used to visit it and read alot about Matthew Wards messages from heaven. I found them very enlightening and felt them to be truthful.  

13 Oct 2004 @ 01:44 by ov : Nice compilation
I remember reading an online book of Matthew Wards a couple of years ago. Kind of encouraging and gives a person hope that we will make it through this dysfunctional crisis point with which we are currently facing.

I like the way that each link is accompanied with a paragraph or more of descriptions. It allows a person to group related information together without doing a whole lot of link clicking and time consuming browsing. I think it would be a real big time saver and I wish that more sites used that value added technique.  

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