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7 Oct 2004 @ 18:24, by Robert Oveson

The Canadian parliament has started up for another season with the first minority government in twenty five years. The good news is that nothing radical is likely to happen out of fear that a vote of nonconfidence will trigger an early election; the down side is that a lot of time will be wasted and nothing at all will be accomplished.

This morning I heard a letter I wrote read on the CBC radio. They even pronounced my name correctly. It sounded good and felt good. Next step is to get a petition started. I hope this flies.

Greetings Anna Maria Tremonti

Intention and perspective are two of the most important aspects of reaching a common ground where it is possible to cooperatively work together. Think of the shift in attitude that would occur if we were to officialy change the name from "The Official Opposition" to "The Official Other Hand."

It has a touch of that Canadian humor that would lead to wide transmission. More importantly it would be a constant reminder that members of parliament are expected to work cooperatively towards the citizen's best interests, instead of the adversarial partisan politics which often does nothing but set the stage for pretentious ego battles leading to loggerheads.

Robert Oveson

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8 Oct 2004 @ 05:25 by ov : Official Other Hand
We haven't even made it through the first week and the {|pretentious ego battles} have started already. Stephen Harper is the Canadian version of the extreme neo-conservative and would love to bring this government down and have another election but he doesn't want to make it look like he is responsible because that would blow up in his face. The Bloc is the Quebec independence issue which is one of those ancient Canadian conflicts that have taught us more than a little bit about how to deal with conflict. Chuck Cadmen is the one independent, and he is from Vancouver, and if everybody votes according to party they balance out and Chuck gets to make the deciding vote (this wasn't by design, it just worked out that way.)

Meanwhile the general population sighs in frustration and yells at the kids in parliament to behave and deep down we know it won't make much difference but as long as we can avoid the fire department or the emergency room of the hospital we will make it through another day and sooner or later they will grow up. Can't give up hope on that.  

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