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21 Aug 2004 @ 19:14, by Robert Oveson

I wrote this on Thursday night, and then last night presented it to a group of a couple of dozen, it was well received and I thought it ran somewhere in the middle of many fine performances of music, poetry, drama, dancing and yes the spoken word. This place is called The Butchershop, I think because for years it was a butchershop for kosher foods but a few months back was renovated and converted into a gallery and performance area. I had a real good time. It is also only four blocks from my house. I'll be going back.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .

We Gotta Choose

Music, spoken word, energy, down on the drive. The Mayans say it's ascension jageur day, and a shamanic trip is on its way, there is about to be a nation wide attitude change, when the flakey falls out and the possible remains, and all we gotta do is decide to choose, we aren't given any choices except for what we ask, been kind of assumed that if we don't know by now we wouldn't be up to the task, you see this is no dress rehersal, in fact we've already succeeded and we're feeling a time wave reversal, where everything falls into place, because we already set it up that way, in the future we got the whole thing preloaded, the promises coming home and debts traded off along the road, and now all we need to is to choose, and then to DO IT, it's all our choice and the catch twenty two is that all agree and that in turn depends on what we choose, it's not really a rule it's just the way it is, now what's it going to be, what do we plan on doing NOW, then in momentum follow through, so what you going to choose??

Now if we do this wisely we will never need to want.

OR we could carry on with force, and slide into a state that is unhealthy for most things that are still alive, and the choice should be obvious but to rise above the urgents, conditioned so ubiquitously and get everybody to agree, well, that seems to be a stumbling block.

But once in a while, we stumble into a bit of luck, and we've been accumulating clues, and we can test these out in a virtual world online and then once that's done move back and forth in time, this merging with the crystal silcone, createlse a simulation that stimulates, even better than the real thing, a seductress line that is hard to resist, and as if that's not enough rumor it's programmed to be fun.

So, with nothing to lose all you have to do is choose.

That's the information we need to provide and makes this whole reality worth while, so it's time to pay up and describe and display our choice, and it would be handy to have it now before we kick it over into a conscious overdrive, through free wheeling, where when you know something is possible you know it will be if you will it. Just slip into it, that zone of navigating on the fly kind of styling guided in on a beacon that is a whole lot of fun.

So what you going to choose??

The whole universe is watching, and it really wants to know, what it is that we would want, if it was simply a matter of choice. So what do we want. You see Earth is the source with the gifts to tell a tale and create a story. There was something that you asked that made it all unfold so gloriously, and we gotta know what it was you asked. So you gotta choose.

Does anybody remember what we asked?

So what we gonna choose?

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21 Aug 2004 @ 20:15 by bushman : We or it?
I choose not to choose. Because if I choose, I will no longer have free will, I would become a facsimali of everyone else that made the same choices. One day this universe will grow cold and dark, we will be nothing more than fireflys lost in perpetual darkness, a fate more boring than, sitting on a cloud strumming a harp. God/creator commited suicide because IT was so bored, IT, needed to know why IT existed. Even god had to know/find out, "Is this all I am?" So It had to destroy itself, to see what was inside. And here IT sits today bored out of its scull, with no more answers than IT had before the great idea, in the darkness. Choose what? We are gods sitcom. Nothing more than an amusment. Till it's body becomes cold and dead.  

21 Aug 2004 @ 21:03 by hgoodgame : Imagine yourself to be,
a disincarnate entity, intelligent, curious, able to absorb information/data but not sense anything. Image as well that you are the only intellect you are aware of. Now, ultimately the desire to be more than intellect gnaws. You, as that entity, wanted something more. Each of us, as that entity reached this point. It wasn't something we asked, it was something we stated. The statement was, LET'S MAKE SENSE! The outcome is as you perceive it. Most consciousness gets lost quickly once it enters the sensory world. We came here to play and explore the world of the senses but forgot our origin and original purpose. Now we believe this is all real, which it absolutely is in its way. But, this is the critical but, we forgot that we are all this world's creators, not some god or gods on high pulling our strings, not some alien races eager to take us over. It's been us, doing it to ourselves, all along. And here's why it hasn't gotten better. Very few people will accept personal responsibility for what happens to them (unless its something good, then they quickly take credit). Not many will want to hear the message that they will have to assume personal responsibility for their attitudes and actions, for their thoughts and deeds, that we are eternal beings who have dug ourselves into a hole we must personally, both as individuals and as interactive parts of a larger entity, find our own way back out of.
So what do we want, we want our vision back! Let the truth be revealed, drop the veils. It's so much easier to understand the territory when the lights are on.
Well, you said navigate on the fly so there you go!
"If we're all going somewhere lets get there soon
'cause this song has not title
just words and a tune..."  

22 Aug 2004 @ 00:49 by ov : Commitment
Hhehehehehehe. I guess the underlying big question is that when given a chance to have anything we ask for, even with the quarantee that what we create in the asking will be great, will we decline out of fear that we would get it wrong and have to shoulder the responsibity of lost opportunity.  

22 Aug 2004 @ 02:14 by hgoodgame : I prefer
a positive outlook, being this: when given a chance and given enough light to see with, we WILL accept our ability to choose out of understanding and knowing - those that decline to choose for now also makes no difference, there is no 'wrong' and any temporarily wasted opportunity will come back as sure as summer follows spring.  

22 Aug 2004 @ 02:21 by ov : Lead or led
the herd horns of dillema. I think we will eventually choose wisely, I think that is rather positive.  

24 Aug 2004 @ 20:51 by ov : Choose
My inspirational quote on the NCN front page when I logged in, thought it fit here, worth remembering but would take more work to make an article of it. Besides all ready too much bad angst poetry competing for attention.

Always we hope someone else has the answer. Some other place will be better, some other time it will all turn out. This is it. No one else has the answer. No other place will be better, and it has already turned out." (Lao-tzu)  

14 Apr 2016 @ 10:47 by lmx @ : sdf
"Are you so sure? Maybe there consequently not it?"

"? No, you do not see this pattern," he pointed to the strange fox goes face: "This is the first human sacrifices when Lu ritual mask tape, which must be buried in the tomb of a very special person in what capacity, It may be even more honorable than the emperor at the time. "

I blurted out: "The Emperor his father."

Third Uncle stared at me, they wanted to close up the paper goes on, I'm a hold toward him smile: "Uncle, you do not rush it up, how do I say this thing is coming, this time how about you have to take me to see this. "

He shouted: "No, this scouring the sand is not so simple, and that place can not air conditioning, but also numerous organs, and subject to Xiecai you are your father's only child, if you have happened, I'm not let you. father chops skin can not. "

I also shouted: "That's never been on when I leave!!" Then put the sheet of paper from his hand suddenly taken out, turned around and left. I know this man tri event of their favorite things, that principle does not see this antique, likewise see a woman, I allowed him to eat it, it really only a few steps, he surrendered , and to catch up, pulled my hand the paper: "Ok, you are powerful, but we can say well, when we under Dao Dong, so you may have to stay on top of the head office, right?"

I suddenly elated heart: when I'm going down to can you blocked lives me? Busy nodded: "!! Word go, we all listen to you, you make me why I'm doing."

Tri helpless sigh of mouth, said:. "The two of us do not succeed, then transferred tomorrow I experienced a few folks over the past few days I have this solution paintings, you have to help me to repairing something." then he quickly wrote a note to me and said, "do not buy a fake, as well, ready to set out the first line of travel, or not to the place where we first detained." I nodded , on each separately to get busy.

Tri wanted things are more tricky, I think probably what I deliberately make things difficult, because this single house really do not store things in general, such as what split waterproof miner, steel pipe, shovel soil test head, multi-purpose knife, folding shovel, short handle hammer, bandages, nylon rope, and so, I just bought a half spent nearly a thousand dollars, and my heart is called the distressed ah, Zhi Ma old fox, so rich yet so damn mean.

Three days later, I still have two old guys Panning My Uncle, uncle also the day I bought that stuff back hand dragon boy, five to Shandong seeds temple and then west over 100 km of the place.  

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