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18 Jun 2004 @ 23:45, by Robert Oveson

That last few days Luna has been a feature celebrity on the local news. Luna is an extremely friendly Killer Whale that broke away from it's pod about three years ago and settled in close to the little town of Gold-River on Vancouver Island. Luna has developed a strong attachment for humans and insists on being the center of attraction, and loves to rub up against boats, jump and frolic, have his back scratched, the kind of thing you would expect from an aquarium act but Luna is a natural. Luna is also very intelligent and has learned how to safely disable the rudders on boats so they can only go around in circles and not leave.

Canadian fisheries has a plan to relocate Luna to it's pod. They have allocated a half million dollars to build a holding pen and arrange for transport with a crane lift, etc. The problem is that the natives from the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation believe that Luna is the spirit of their departed chief who made a deathbed wish to reside in an Orca and a week later Luna showed up. So today they were trying to lure Luna back to the pod, and away from the fisheries holding pen, by escorting canoes full of tribe members chanting ceremonial singing, and luring with chocalate bars, which it appears Luna is particularly fond of. (like who doesn't like chocalate). The chief said they wanted to let Luna return in a natural way, and it didn't take no half million dollars, not to mention the potential trama that the government had planned.

The story is in progress and a Google New's search on Luna + Gold-River turned up over 300 hits and new stories are coming in all the time. I tell ya, this one is a real emotional roller coaster ride and it just keeps better all the time.

There are lots of great pictures of this as well. Yesterday I noticed the Vancouver Province had a full page color photo on the front page, and there are a few local sites that have entire photo albums.

I remember it was just about the same time that Luna showed up that James Tyman, who works with the indigo kids and the emissaries of light, said that Earth was being forced to make a choice between war or peace, and if the whales and dolphins went into hiding then the collective wish was war but if they were in sight and playfull then it was a positive sign. Vancouver is very solidly in the peace camp.

More updates to follow.

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20 Jun 2004 @ 02:28 by newdawn : good
so is Tasmania (Australia)h  

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