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 An Alter Ant2 comments
category picture22 Dec 2004 @ 20:39

this herd won't get burned again by fantasy
they desire and demand what is in it for us
so harmonic convergence rising up in ectasy
a choir inspired from this continual chorus
alternet which falters not the sacred trust
persists and prevails in a cause we're just
ants tap-dancing on the elephant's clitoris

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 Compassion For The Camel0 comments
category picture14 Sep 2004 @ 18:56

an angst wail of why can't we all get along
while ideals are liberally spun like ferris
wheels deals on backs of poor by the strong
trammel of justice blind to wrongs where is
compassion for the camel there just is fear
a final straw ending a free ride draws near
and truth be told comfort's what we cherish

 Dick 'N Kenny0 comments
category picture2 Sep 2004 @ 17:12

enron hesitation on an end run and too late
if press house pets turn into feral hyienas
barking at barbarian pounding down the gate
multiple coverups play out political arenas
fools peekaboo and poke persuasive rhetoric
at the naked president whereas the big dick
and kenny boy are artfully dodging subpoena

 It's Politics By God0 comments
category picture30 Aug 2004 @ 19:21

the way of god or the way of the terrorists
hubris rhetoricaly questions such indignity
bush agenda speaking god and still persists
from before nicosea jury rigged the trinity
power people since at least osiris and isis
and into time of great debate on what is is
seek control claiming sole link to divinity

 Spirit & Science6 comments
category picture24 Aug 2004 @ 21:47

seeking absolute truths through perspective
needs where you're coming from and going to
and neither of these subjects are objective
especially when there is more than one view
a right or wrong but not both they conclude
to fit only one and they attempt to exclude
a spirit and reductionist alike misconstrue

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