We Need a Dream, America: Inspiring and Uniting Enemies on a Shared Vision    
 Inspiring and Uniting Enemies on a Shared Vision0 comments
picture11 Feb 2008 @ 23:20, by Carl Landsness

Is it possible to inspire and unite enemies on a shared vision? Once inspired, I believe the means (and magic) can appear... and obstacles disappear. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" according to Einstein.

Such inspiration usually comes from crisis. Can we collectively choose a more elegant, less painful path?

Most successful organizations rely on a mission/vision/values statement.
Is it time for nations and partnerships to create such?
The process alone could inspire and unite people like never before...
if powered BY THE PEOPLE
and leads to an empowered tactical plan (like a business plan).

Left-brain drivers like missions.
Right-brain creatives love visions.
Passionate seekers embrace values.
Synergized, they can transcend differences and weave dimensions
(i.e. transmute our exhausted dominator paradigm to an energized partnership paradigm... with the power of intention, heart, and action)

A rather idealistic approach is in [link]
A more grounded approach is in [link]

Is this a path to peace, power, and fulfillment?

Is our current lack of mission/vision/values statements a cause of our chaos?

Are you willing ponder this?

What are some means to the above?
- Nonviolent Communication
- Consensus Process
- Conflict Transformation
- Spiritual Politics
- Forums (on-line or in-person), talk shows, etc.
- You choose

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