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5 Mar 2004 @ 13:02, by Carl Landsness


Like never before
The dream of all dreams
The dream of all time

We need a dream

To heal
The most fearful of souls
Broken of hearts
Sickly of bodies
Disturbed of minds

We need a dream

To transmute
The most hideous of hate
Ghastly of greed
Rigid of righteousness
Lowest of laziness

We need a dream

To inspire
The most uninspirable
Most disenchanted
Most adversarial
And the rest of the world

We need a dream

See WeNeedaDream

Dear Seekers of Truth, Life, and Liberty,

We write to offer and seek a vision
that will inspire and unite humanity
to transmute our worst nightmares
into the greatest miracle ever

Our current world path has high risk of collapse
However… opportunities are even higher
IF… enough people unite on a shared dream
bridging all barriers: e.g. race, religion, nation, EGO, etc.

We see Americans leading this quest
not with arrogant pride… but with humble service
transmuting fear, greed, hate, and righteousness
into peace, hope, love, and openness

An "I Have a Dream" caliber speech and event is needed
to inspire and unite people to this massive change
We’ll call it "WE NEED A DREAM, AMERICA"
A seed draft is in [link]

We hope you read it with your heart
imagining the possibilities
contributing your own
believing with all your being
we can make our dreams unfold

In faith, hope, and love,
We Need a Dream.org (forming)

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5 Mar 2004 @ 16:56 by martha : I have a dream
I still hear Martin Luther King's words ring in my ears. That is my dream...

Thanks for the verses. We can never be reminded too much.

7 Mar 2004 @ 02:48 by vaxen : More than a dream...

a very viable reality.


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