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Saturday, August 1st 2015, by Marissa A Spencer

I think I am writing again... maybe.. ?

At the Bat of an Eye
by Marissa A. Spencer
(c) 8/1/2015

In the quiet moments that blend together each day
If you ignore the clashing, roaring, racket, and clattering whippings of mindlessness
In those few hushed held breaths and profound inhales
My eyes fly up to the sky, not seeing the blueness or the fluffy, puffy, puppy clouds
A word, a vision, is featherly whispered to my mind
A face, a touch; fleeting, deep and warm
Ah, there you are; you smile and wave.
I am startled, delighted, flummoxed.
Take your pick world.
Or there is a hug, a caress, or perhaps a chortling snort
Friend, confidant, lover, or something I cannot define
With or without words, ideas, or magazine predictions
I know you are there though I doubt anyone would believe me
In those that hushed millisecond, nanosecond, or bat of an eye
You become real.
You are reality.
All else is a slide show to divert me;
those obsessively absorbing natterings and patterings that rush
here and there relentlessly, smacking my senses and wringing my
engrossed intellect.
You, once again have brought me to ground or to the sky.
I am now simultaneously a ephemeral rocket zooming through the
universe and a golden fish swimming in the molten pools held
deep within Mother Earth's fiery core.
I am flying, tethered to my soul and all possibilities at once
A blink and the dissonance returns
I smile and tackle those nattered, pattered flim-flam whipping,
snipping, whacking distractions;
Transformed, at least until my opinion of myself gets in the way.
Or you visit me.
Whichever comes first.




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