THE FOREST GREEN: Fearful Geography    
 Fearful Geography4 comments
Sunday, February 16th 2014, by Marissa A Spencer

Fearful Geography

Though the nobler paths may be fraught with thorny snares
I shall not find them to be fearful geography
The sharp wisps that lash at me as I pass by shall be as nothing
My furrowed brow shall be a token of my own absolution
The sunlight sprinkling upon my skin shall warm me
I shall not be alone; I see others all around me
They do not see me, but I see them
Perhaps if I give a shout they shall look up from their stony paths
I shall wave and smile and perhaps they shall too
We travel together, whether they know it or not

© 2014 Marissa A Spencer




19 Feb 2014 @ 05:55 by bushman : :}
Nice to see you still have time for poetry. :}  

23 Mar 2014 @ 17:43 by vaxen : Love you!
Thanks, Skookum... for the inspiration. Glad you're still 'with us' & we with thee. ~♥~  

12 Jan 2015 @ 23:14 by skookum : Hi guys
I hope to get more done.. going to school takes up so much mental energy though.  

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