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Wednesday, December 19th 2012, by Marissa A Spencer

written for some friends of mine

Forest Secrets

Crystal tingling, faintly ringing
Somersaulting, swooshing, singing
Lit within a sparkled winking
Alluring, whirring, interlinking

List , whist, whisper hear
Lightning quick by the ear
Gold fiery sparks disappear

Fairies dance fast ascending
Star to star vastly wending
Comet falls in fiery flaring
Glow amid the trees a-glaring

List, whist, whisper hear
Dancing, singing ever near
A highland fete of yesteryear

Standing alone, eyes a-blinking
Forest secrets naught appearing
Only shadows so bestirring
Empty now you are thinking

List, whist, whisper near
Singing in the forest clear
And you deaf because of fear

© 12/19/2012
Marissa Ann Spencer




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